Get Lost in Adam Craemer's Graffiti-Tinged Dreamscape

When Adam Craemer was young, he developed a love for the sea and for the visual arts in his native Cape Town, South Africa. An avid traveler with two artist parents, he became enthralled by the graffiti culture both home and abroad. The result? A unique take on portraiture that provides intimate snapshots of a person through an aesthetic that's intimate in a deeply modern way.

IngridAdam Craemer

LorenAdam Craemer

With more people turning to art and art therapy, whether actually taking up the canvas and brush or the inexplicable adult coloring book craze, one wonders how working artists find release when their passion is their job. The answer in Craemer's case lies in his abstract work. Far removed from his commissions and portrait work, these abstract landscapes are created by channeling his emotions, the music he is listening to as he paints, or the landscapes he is surrounded by. It's difficult to find art with a soul these days, and Craemer's "letting go painting" is as refreshing as it is deeply beautiful.

Space and Colour #1Adam Craemer

Morning ColourAdam Craemer

The most notable aspect of Craemer's work—whether portraits or landscapes—is his willingness to experiment with different materials. Already basing himself on aerosol paint, he's worked with plaster, paper shredding, and epoxy resin. The use of out-of-the-way and unusual materials only works to further develop his viewpoint, with paintings that are textured, colorful, and though-provoking.

Craemer is this week's featured artist on Derbby, where "Devil Jazz," his graffiti portrait of Australian model Jasmine Dwyer is up for grabs; place your bid before someone else takes it home.

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Devil JazzAdam Craemer

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