Our Thoughts On OneSkin: The Perfect Companion To Laser Treatment

We've seen it all over social media – treatments that promise healthy, vibrant, younger-looking skin. Laser facials are a popular and effective treatment that can help mitigate the effects of aging skin.

But what if you could tackle the rootcause of skin aging and not merely the symptoms?

Laser Therapy

The term "laser therapy" encompasses a wide range of treatments, each designed to address specific conditions. On average, these procedures can cost up to $2,509*** per treatment.

Types of Laser Therapy

  • Ablative. An aggressive treatment used for more significant skin resurfacing and treatment of certain conditions including sun-damaged skin, liver spots, and uneven skin pigmentation. It involves the removal or "ablation" of the outer layer of skin, known as the epidermis, and often some portion of the underlying dermis. Ablation stimulates the growth of collagen which strengthens the skin’s firmness and texture.
  • Non-ablative. A slightly less invasive procedure that works by targeting the underlying layers of skin without removing the outer layer. These lasers are commonly used for milder skin issues such as acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

While laser therapy is a trending remedy for aging skin, we suspected that lasers are incomplete solutions. They resurface skin prompting it to go into “healing mode” and boost collagen production. But what about targeting the real root cause of skin aging rather than forcing it to regenerate?

We believed there had to be something out there that targets the source of skin aging. So we took to the internet to find alternative solutions that approach our skin health at the cellular level. We were looking for a science-backed company that can be trusted but – most importantly – one that’s proven and effective.

That’s when we found OneSkin.


OneSkin is a science-based, skin longevity company that can reverse skin aging at the cellular level*, allowing their products to effectively minimize signs of aging including the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and crepey skin.**

OneSkin’s core ingredient is its patented peptide — OS-01, which was developed internally by their team of founding longevity scientists with expertise in stem biology, skin regeneration, aging, and bioinformatics.

Their Topical Supplement formulas feature OS-01 — a proprietary peptide that is scientifically proven to reverse skin’s biological age.* It reduces the accumulation of old senescent cells, which is a KEY driver of aging, allows healthy skin cells to multiply and reactivates collagen production, so skin looks and behaves like younger skin.* It also includes tried-and-true supporting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to boost hydration.

How OneSkin Is Different

OneSkin works differently than many types of laser treatment or therapy because it targets a central mechanism of skin aging: cellular senescence. Like laser therapy, OneSkin encourages cell growth and collagen production*, but without the invasive nature and risk of infection.

If you’re still looking for a boost in skin resurfacing or a quick fix with laser therapy, OneSkin can serve as a complementary at-home treatment to continue to fight aging and boost your skin health. By strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and improving skin health*, OneSkin may also reduce post-procedure-down-time since your skin will be more nourished and resilient. (Note: always consult your physician regarding post-treatment care.)

In a clinical 12-week study performed by a third-party professional clinic to evaluate the effects of OS-01 FACE, 90% of users saw improved skin elasticity, 95.5% saw improved radiance, skin evenness, and firmness. Even better, 100% of users reported improved skin smoothness and overall appearance.

Our Verdict

Generally, laser therapy is an effective procedure that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots, and kick-start skin regeneration for increased collagen production. But some laser treatments come with significant costs and inconvenient recovery time.

OneSkin is a gentle, non-invasive, and highly effective treatment that targets the root cause of skin aging at the cellular level. With continued use, OneSkin also induces significant benefits, including increased cell proliferation*, improved collagen levels*, and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles**, without the necessity for your skin to heal from medically-induced trauma.

Here's why OneSkin is worth the investment:

  • After 2 weeks - Skin will feel more hydrated and plumper
  • After 6 weeks - An increase in skin firmness with a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines
  • After 12 weeks - Improved skin evenness, radiance, and overall appearance**

Editor’s Note: We recommend using OS-01 FACE after cleansing to achieve maximum peptide absorption

At $99 for a 50 ml bottle (when you subscribe), it’s super easy to integrate OS-01 FACE into your daily skincare ritual. OneSkin can be used alone or in tandem with treatments such as laser therapy.

Looking for a reliable and affordable way to embrace healthy aging and level up your skin health? Go with OneSkin — a gentle, non-irritant long-term solution to achieve maximum skin health.

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*Shown in lab studies on human skin cells and/or samples (Zonari, et al., 2023)
**Shown in clinical studies and/or consumer perceptions studies