This Summer’s Hottest Sneaker Is Very Familiar

Every summer, I’m faced with the same, annoying issue: what is going to be my go-to shoe? What’s the shoe that is being shoved on my foot as I run hastily out the door, already late to my prior commitments? For the daytime, I need something functional, able to be dressed up or down…for the night, a trendy platform that won’t kill my ankles and toes.

And no, the daytime option shouldn’t always be a pair of flip-flops. While I would love to traipse around in my Rainbows all day, fashion icons would scoff at my choice of thong sandal if I wore them out too much. Lisa Vanderpump believes everyone should wear heels all the time, but even I can’t commit to that.

And since I always wear my summer shoes down to their soles, I will be getting my money’s worth out of them…so they have to be good. And they have to match with almost everything - biker shorts, denim shorts, maybe a sundress if I want. Normally, the go-to option would be a stark white sneaker like the Air Force 1 or perhaps a New Balance 550 if I wish.

But this year, something has changed. Summer’s hottest sneaker isn’t new by any means…in fact, it’s a classic in both the soccer (or should I say football?) world and the fashion world since I’ve been alive. That’s right, everyone is obsessed with the adidas Samba sneaker again.

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The Samba is a flat-style shoe so iconic that I can perfectly picture in my head as I write this. Created for indoor soccer stars, the classic model was predominantly black with the white stripes on the sides. And while Sambas weren’t always the public’s favorite streetwear sneaker, they most certainly are now.

Everyone famous you know is wearing the shoes. Don’t believe me? See Harry Styles, Jacob Elordi, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid. Or maybe check out the shoes Katie Holmes, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky all wear. The list could go on if I had the time, but I don’t. Go to any trendy neighborhood, trendy bar, or trendy influencer’s feed — you’ll see them.

The Samba has been around since 1950, and has been featured on the feet of iconic figures in pop culture. So much so, that they have cycled as a staple in the closets of the rich and the famous. The best part? They’re accessible to the not-so-rich-and-famous.

The original adidas Samba sneakers skyrocketed into a streetwear staple, making any outfit instantly cooler…but it was the collabs with high fashion brands like Gucci that solidified their place in the fashion world. Gucci x adidas highlights both of the brands classic looks: for adidas, the Gazelle style, for Gucci, pops of color with hints of suede in the shoe.

Similarly, adidas collabed with German-based luxury brand Kith, where they shared their take on the Stan Smith and the sister of the Samba, the Gazelle. With more affordable pricing than the Gucci collaboration, Kith is one of the trendier brands on the market right now.

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GQ has called it the sneaker of the summer for the past three summers, a fan favorite of influencers and trend followers alike. However, the high fashion connoisseurs hate them. Calling them overdone, others lamenting that they wouldn’t be “caught dead” in the fan-favorite shoe.

So, if you want a shoe that’s insanely trendy…and truly will never go out of style…then the adidas Samba is for you. And if you’re a fan of Quiet Luxury or Stealth Wealth, the Gucci collection might be for you.

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