Age-Defying Sun Care – OneSkin just launched OS-01 SHIELD

We are thrilled to announce OneSkin’s latest breakthrough in skin protection: the OS-01 SHIELD Age Reversal™ Mineral Sunscreen – a complete game-changer in sun defense.

OneSkin has built their reputation on their non-invasive skin longevity products that revitalize and support healthy, younger skin. Their Topical Supplement formulas feature the OS-01 peptide, scientifically proven to reverse skin’s age at the molecular level,* which strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, and includes a potent blend of antioxidants proven to neutralize free radicals superior to leading anti-aging SPFs.**

Most importantly, OneSkin’s products deliver proven, scientific results, while being safe, vegan, fragrance & cruelty-free.

We’re already huge fans of OS-01 FACE, OS-01 EYE, and OS-01 BODY – which has truly transformed our skin from the inside out. But with their latest drop – OS-01 SHIELD – OneSkin has upped their game.

While most sunscreens merely prevent UV-induced damage, the OS-01 Senescence Blocking Peptide™ featured in the OS-01 SHIELD is scientifically proven to help reverse existing UV damage while providing maximum protection.*

Its formula contains powerful natural ingredients that complement OS-01, like Vitamin C – shown to improve collagen and elastin production with UV and blue light exposure. And Acai, an antioxidant compound that helps counteract damage from environmental pollutants.

We’re totally obsessed with OS-01 SHIELD because it…

  • restores collagen synthesis,* improving skin firmness and elasticity
  • improves epidermal thickness, strengthening skin barrier function*
  • promotes UV damage repair & reduces cellular senescence,* helping to reverse the effects of UV aging

All while working well under makeup, leaving the skin wonderfully hydrated and moisturized – without feeling greasy at all!

Available in tinted and untinted formulas, OneSkin’s OS-01 SHIELD Age Reversal™ Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen is precisely what we’ve been waiting for; powerful sun protection with visible, age-reversal effects.

Ready to experience sun protection at a whole new level and reveal timeless beauty, one sun-soaked day at a time? You have to add OS-01 SHIELD to your skincare regimen!

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*Shown in lab studies on human skin samples and/or human skin cells (Zonari, et al., npj, Aging, 2023)

**Shown in a lab study by utilizing a chemical probe to track the antioxidant capabilities of different sunscreens