Jonah Hill, Tom Holland, Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson, and the Art of Duo Dressing

The menswear revival is in full swing. As gender expression becomes more playful amongst all genders, people are experimenting audaciously with garments and colors, and silhouettes.

An unexpected consequence is how this whimsical attitude has been so influential in the realm of menswear.

The evolution of men’s style has taken it from stuffy and predictable to the new frontier. At the 2021 Met Gala, a surprising number of men showed out and made it to our best dressed list. Rather than drab suits and classic tuxedos, there was astounding color and pattern and print in spades!

Who can forget Will Welch and Leon Bridges in BODE, Pete Davidson in Thom Browne, Troye Sivan in YSL, and yes, co-chair Timmy in … sweatpants. To be honest, we didn’t hate it!

The Met was only the beginning! This red carpet revival — after the pandemic placed a brutal hiatus on press tours and fashion-filled premieres — proves just that. December’s been filled with big fits, big fashion moments, and — even better — big controversy. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best Looks of December Have Arrived in Twos

As we close out the year, the strongest showings in menswear make us hopeful for the future. No longer do we have to wait for a Timothee Chalamet film or a fashion week red carpet to see some delicious sartorial inventions.

In fact, with Chalamet off in London filming his role in the cursed 2022 film W*nka, we were nervous about the looks we’d find at the Don’t Look Up premiere. The highly anticipated Netflix feature highlights a star-studded cast, but surprisingly it was Jonah Hill who was the fashion standout.

Hill has always been a lovable celebrity figure, and this was even more true in the pandemic. His Instagram was a trove of tiny treasures, from endearing selfies, flaunting his outfit pics, and couple posts.

Finally — finally — Hill fully shined in person and he delivered at top form. Making his IRL debut with his girlfriend — Sarah Grady — the pair’s matching Gucci ensembles were sleek and stunning. Doesn’t it sound nice? No shirts, just skin and Gucci suiting? The powder blue power couple made headlines for their androgynous dressing and surprisingly polished look.

Another unstoppable power couple? Zendaya and Tom Holland. While promoting Spiderman, the two also seem to be promoting their relationship. And solidifying their status as the hottest celebrity couple out there. Both in similar slicked back hairstyles and dark hues — Tom Holland and Zendaya were the perfect balance of co-ordinated but not quite identical.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Spiderman Premiere OutfitsBy DFree // Shutterstock

And for some “near-matching” tumultuous news: that irresistible, Terrible Twosome Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson are causing chaos wherever they go. And we love them for it. Their most recent venue? The official Calvin Klein Instagram account.

The brand changed their Instagram profile image to Pete Davidson. Then unfollowed everyone except Machine Gun Kelly. And then the naughty pair went on CK Instagram Live to wreak havoc by stripping down to their Calvins.

And while yes, the utter strangeness is worth noting, I was enthralled by the fashion. Both platinum blonde in all white, it looked like a cross between an Eminen video, Kanye’s Sunday service, and high school PE.

via Calvin Klein

Perhaps it was just the strange marketing working on me, but I really did like the looks. Their Calvins’ classic shapes looked extra cozy when both stars were wearing them — proof that the bond and influence of their bromance is just as powerful as any couple.

One for You, One for a Friend

In that spirit, we’re inspired to shop for our outfits in pairs. But not in a cliche way. Matching Christmas sweaters are so overdone.

Now that the new wave has trickled down to the everyday — with brands daring to dream about the potential of menswear — everything is fair game — from classic shapes to dressing for spectacular occasions.


This means every event or get together is a possibility to dress well — even beach or pool days. Whether you’re planning a holiday getaway to flee the cold weather, or stocking up for the summer, head to Marda and pick up some eclectic pool pieces for you and your bestie.

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