Always use protection… when you’re applying makeup

Makeup madness or magic?

We all know the importance of using protection when it comes to sex, and condoms are most people's STD- and pregnancy-blocker go-to. But along with the condom's widespread use for sexual safety, they are now becoming popular in the world of makeup application. Yes, you read that right.

Now before you imagine a cloaked penis coming towards your cheekbones, mind you the condom is used over a makeup sponge, not a man's "member" in this case. According to PopSugar, "Vloggers and makeup aficionados across the internet are hacking their Beautyblender sponges by tucking them inside condoms."


The reason behind what seems like makeup madness is that most application sponges absorb too much foundation. Using the condom prevents any absorption into the sponge, so the makeup slides on smoothly and flawlessly using the aid of the applicator with the "protection" of the condom.

But before you shimmy a Trojan over your sponge, you must remove the lubricant and spermicide first. While these products are important for the condom's "normal" use, when it comes to beauty, clean and dry is the only way to go. And no "ribbed for her pleasure" or "reservoir tip" needed. Just dab some makeup onto the condom once it's wrapped tightly around your beauty sponge and voilà, instant red carpet-ready success. Condoms can finally see the light of day!

Makeup vlogger, Laila Tahri is a fan of this unconventional process and has posted a You Tube video that is getting more views by the day. She starts from scratch and winds up with a "beat" face that anyone can achieve. What she does with the rest of the condoms left in the box is at her discretion!

Check out the tutorial below.

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