I Actually Tried Sustain Natural: Here's My Verdict

Anyone else noticed how we're all super cautious about the food we eat: GMO, organic, free-range; the products we use on our bodies: aluminum-free, paraben free, fragrance free; and the different types of plastics: BPA, PP, HDPE? One thing we don't think a lot about? What we're putting into ourselves! Our genitals are one of the most absorbent parts of the body, so why don't we treat them with more concern? This all changed for me when I found Sustain Natural.

I've always tried to be somewhat health-conscious and aware of what I consume, but I never thought to change up the products I use down there. When a girlfriend suggested I change my tampons, it all dawned on me, like hello. If the products I use to keep up my sexual health are full of harmful chemicals, then I'm not taking complete care of myself. So, Sustain sounded like the obvious solution.

Sustain Natural is a feminine hygiene one-stop-shop. We all know that our cycles and flows are different yet we treat it like we all run on the exact same 28-day system. This simply isn't the case. Sustain gets that, and is offering a better option that allows women to take ownership of their intimate health. Say hello to period kits - fully customizable kits tailored to your personal period needs and delivered to your door every other month. Heavy first day, light couple days, then heavy again? Sustain's got you covered no matter your flow. Pure genius.

But what about those harmful chemicals we should be aware of? Sustain is working to educate women on these and makes it a point to be transparent about their products. Most tampons have all kinds of crap in them and even have a chemical film to hold the cotton together - not Sustain. Their tampons have only one ingredient: 100% certified organic cotton (no synthetic ingredients, rayon, or fragrances). It doesn't just stop at tampons, pads, and liners though; they have everything you could need for your sexual health like condoms, lube, and wipes.

Sustain has created a community making it comfortable for people to talk about all things sex-related. I feel empowered and informed and more healthy all around. I've tried their vegan condoms - no icky feeling there, I love their aloe-based lube, it's soft and gentle, and the lavender wipes are great for after sex or just as a freshen up. Switching to Sustain has completely changed the way I view my health.

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