Are Allbirds Really All-That? Here’s My Honest Review

For years I’ve struggled to find the perfect sneaker for my outfit. It’s the missing piece for me and I absolutely can’t compromise on comfort, but don’t want to cave when it comes to style.

I’ve always wanted footwear that looks both chic with a dress at brunch but also lets me walk for miles if I need to. As women, we all know the challenge of finding the perfect match for a variety of outfits. I need something that’s trendy and cute, but finding a pair that can be dressed up or down is not something that comes easily.

This usually leaves me with sneakers that aren’t fashionable as I feel like I’m forced to choose comfort over style. I was on the verge of settling for yet another pair of basic, out-of-date sneakers for the sake of my feet, when I randomly came across Allbirds in my Instagram feed.

Allbirds has a range of cool, yet comfortable sneakers that come in a variety of styles and colors. But I was hesitant to buy shoes online – I’ve had a few super bad experiences. They either didn’t fit or looked nothing like they did in the photos.

The obvious choice would be investing $ in a pair of Nike's or Adidas but I’m not a fan of big logos on any of my wardrobe. I wanted something modern - not flashy - but could stand the test of time.

But when I found the Allbirds Tree Runners, I was thrilled with the sleek versatile look and the range of colors – Buoyant Blue, Lux Pink, Dreamy Green! They seemed light, stretchy, and easy to slip on.

Priced at $105 and with their 30-day return policy, I figured I’d give them a try.

When the Tree Runners arrived, I slipped them on and swear I’ll never take them off – they’re beyond comfortable (I can totally live in them). They’re made with eucalyptus, which is known for its breathability and thermo-regulating properties that seriously keep my feet cool, and the cushioned midsole provides awesome support.

Confession: I wear them all day long and my feet never get sore. My friends are starting to wonder if I own any other shoes!

The Tree Runners are true to size so they don’t require breaking in. They come in 6 classic and 8 limited-edition colors.

The Kaikoura White is fantastic. Although I was a bit nervous about adding to cart, the Allbirds Tree Runners are machine washable. So, after a Saturday hike, I simply remove the laces and pop them in the washer. They still look pristine!

Not only am I wearing my Tree Runners on hikes but I even dress them up for the office, pair them with a casual brunch fit, and slip them on to run errands.

When it comes to socks, activewear, and even underwear, Allbirds has me covered. And the best part is that the brand focuses on sustainability and reducing their environmental impact, so not only is Allbirds better for me, but the planet too! They’ve replaced petroleum-based materials with natural and recycled ones.

The days of choosing between comfort and style are officially over thanks to Allbirds. Dress up, dress down, travel the world – a pair of Allbirds Tree Runners are all you need!

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