Are You A Vegan? Read How Green Chef Will Change How You Eat

For months, I've been mulling over the idea of going vegan. I felt like my diet needed a a bit of a cleanse from regularly eating red meat and I suspected dairy was making me sick -- plus, I knew I needed to incorporate more vegetable into my everyday habits. Veganism was the obvious answer, but the thought of making the commitment was intimidating. Following any sort of eating plan is time consuming, and this one is no exception. There's meal planning, checking menus before going out, and asking about recipes, to start. Plus, I never want to just eat raw veggies, or fall back on pasta every day, which I've always been fearful of when thinking of going vegan. If I couldn't figure out how to make delicious and well-rounded meals I would actually enjoy, then there was no point to the hassle of veganism.

So when a friend at work told me aboutGreen Chef, I wonder if it could help me ease into the vegan lifestyle. The delivery service sends you all the fresh produce, pre-prepped, pre-measured ingredients you need to whip up a delicious, well balanced meal. This was reassuring to me, because I'm the type of person who can ruin a meal with too much pepper if the spices aren't pre-measured. Once you select your plan, dinners are sent to your doorstep every week, or based on your own chosen schedule. Aside from offering many different meal plans, the company prides itself on flavor and the quality of their ingredients. I used to always go out to restaurants or order take-out if I wanted a good meal, but the cost was breaking my budget. I was happy to discover how much cheaper (not to mention faster!) than take-out.

I was excited to try the vegan plan but was worried about plant-based meals being filling and satiating, instead of leaving me starving in half an hour. I proved myself wrong night one of trying Green Chef. Every meal was better than the next — Butternut Squash Linguine, Pumpkin & Apple Pizza, and Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce are just a few that I tried. Instead of the bland vegetables most vegan recipes offer, Green Chef's meals were so tasty, filling, and innovative. I hardly missed juicy burgers or other meats when there were Vegan Crab Cakes or Pesto Pasta Primavera to try.

I've cooked a couple of the dishes for friends, too, which made me feel like a super confident chef in the kitchen, when usually I'm timid around an oven. Even better, the "fear" of being vegan completely went away. I no longer feel overwhelmed by veganism, and am looking forward to eating plant-based for years to come.

The pre-prepped ingredients was what I found most helpful about Green Chef. Veganism, in particular, involves a lot of chopping veggies and prep before you start cooking. It wastes a lot of time (that I certainly don't have!) and is a major reason I normally resorted to ordering in. But nothing was easier than popping open a Green Chef box and finding each ingredient ready to be freshly chopped and thrown into a skillet. Plus, each meal only takes about 30 minutes to cook, which is seriously impressive compared to how long most vegan dishes take to make. Each component of the recipes are USDA Certified Organic, so I felt even better about my decision to ditch meat.

After only a few weeks using Green Chef, I was thrilled with my decision to go vegan. I felt lighter and more energized, my digestive system had regulated, and I was eating more veggies than ever before. Friends commented on my glowing skin, too, which often comes with eliminating meat from your diet. The best part is that I didn't have to make a huge lifestyle change or deprive myself to reap the benefits. With Green Chef, I was able to enjoy real, sustainable, and delicious food without all the hassle that goes into cooking on your own.

Update: The folks at Green Chef are extending a limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $75 off!

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