Asked & Answered: All About YogaClub

Whether you workout everyday or just like wearing leggings, you should know about YogaClub. This athleisure subscription sends you personalized workout apparel for an unbeatable price! Not only do they carry the best of the best fitness brands, they offer it at a deal you can't beat anywhere else. Interested? I've been subscribing to YogaClub for a couple months now and I can answer all of your questions.

What is YogaClub?

YogaClub is a subscription box that sends you individually curated outfits every month. You get 3 items in every box - a top, sports bra, and leggings - from designer name brands like Niyama Sol and Beyond Yoga. It's basically stylish fitness motivation delivered to your doorstep in a pretty pink box.

What type of brands do they have?

SO MANY. One of my favorite things about YogaClub is that while they have famous name brands (like Niyama Sol, Free People, and Columbia), they also have boutique brands that I never heard of before and now get to discover (like Manduka, Beyond Yoga, and Threads 4 Thought).

How do they curate your box?

Before you sign up, you take a short and fun style quiz. You can like, love, or dislike certain options (like high waisted vs. low waisted leggings), choose different categories of colors and patterns that you want, and even rate sample outfits that you could receive. Their stylists then use your answers to individually curate your outfit! After every box you can give your feedback on each piece, which they take into account when curating your next outfit. Plus you can change your answers any time if you want to switch your sizes or preferences.

Is it mostly for people who do yoga?

Not at all! I did one hot yoga class on a Groupon a couple months ago and that's the extent of my yoga experience. I wear my athleisure everywhere, from lounging around my house to grocery trips to brunch with my friends. One of the style quiz questions is actually where you're most likely to wear your outfits so that they can send you appropriate styles - some of the options are running, dance, pilates, travel, and even brunch!

Why do I subscribe?

Before YogaClub, I used to buy Lululemon leggings for $80 (and that was the price when they were on sale!). I told myself it was worth the splurge since it was from a well-known brand and it would motivate me to workout. But now that I discovered YogaClub, I'm paying less than that for an entire outfit, and I'm still getting designer name brands!

How much does it cost?

The box is usually $79/month, but with my discount you can get it for $69/month. And that $10 discount applies for life! For getting over $160 worth of apparel in each box, this is an amazing deal. You can also save $10 for every friend you refer!

Are you locked in?

Not at all. You can cancel or pause your membership at any time. And don't worry, you can do it all online with a click of a button (unlike Fabletics where you actually have to call).

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