Astor Vance Makes Shopping For The Perfect Suit A Breeze

Planning a wedding is said to be one of the most chaotic times in your life. From running around to all the vendors to making sure everyone is happy with their table assignments, things can get stressful. Then there's what you're going to wear, and of course your squad of groomsmen. The choice between a tux or suit, bow tie or tie, suspenders or belt, and most importantly the fit. For someone with a body like mine, the fit can be the hardest part. Most clothes off the rack don't fit me like I want them to and for my wedding I want to look my best. Making all these decisions can become time consuming and add up really quick.

When I was out looking to rent a tuxedo, I was astounded to find out the high costs of rental for myself, let alone my groomsmen. I couldn't ask my groomsmen to dish out hundreds of dollars for something that they wouldn't get to keep, not to mention something that wouldn't even fit them properly. So when my buddies and I were talking about what they named "the big tux dilemma of 2017", until one of them recommended Astor Vance.

I discovered that Astor Vance is a custom clothing company specializing in dress apparel ranging from suits to tuxedos & shirts. They allow you to pick your fabric, select the styling options and then get measured for each custom garment. This all sounded great however I was concerned about the cost, which seemed like it could be expensive. To my amazement, their prices started at $499 and that they have specialized wedding packages which offer discounts on suits for 4 or more. This all sounded great: custom-fit luxury suiting for a fraction of normal prices AND no more hours spent trying on looks at the store. I felt that I could justify asking my groomsmen to pay $400 for a custom tux that they could keep forever.

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I contacted Astor Vance & their stylist informed me about their online services which allowed me to create everything online. They turn you into the designer, letting you choose between a wide range of luxury fabrics, plus more color and pattern options than you'll find in any store. Details like a colorful lining or embroidered monograms elevate the design to make it completely unique. Since we were in California, this saved us a lot of time and hassle. The best part is, Astor Vance teaches you how to enter your measurements digitally by following their step by step videos which only take 5-10 minutes.

Before making my groomsmen commit, I decided to give it a shot. I ordered the Astor Vance measuring kit which came with a measuring tape, pocket square & tie. My fiance & I followed the videos & we were both surprised at how easy it was to submitted our order. The tux arrived a few weeks later & it was a perfect fit! So I informed my groomsmen to submit their orders.

They were all very excited. Once everyone's tuxes arrived, we all got together to try them on. Two of the groomsmen needed minor alterations like adjusting the pant length, but the rest were good to go. Not everything about planning a wedding has to be chaotic. Astor Vance helped us design the perfect wedding tuxedo without any added hassle or price.

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