The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Favorite Astrology Lover

Astrology is an ancient art form. And it really is an art. It’s complex, elusive, and widely disputed — like all good art should be. This star-mapping science of the occult has somehow transcended time and remained a mainstay of popular culture.

You can’t go anywhere — online or in real life — without someone asking you what your sign is, what time you were born, and if you’ve ever been wronged by a Cancerian. Or maybe that last one is just me. At this point, basic conversation skills include knowing if and when Mercury is retrograde and what your “big three” are.

But while some people read the astrology section like it’s the funny pages…some (read: me) take it very seriously. Tell me what the sun, moon, and stars are doing. Tell me when the next eclipse is. And tell me what to do with my tarot cards and crystals.

If there’s someone in your life that’s as obsessed with astrology and the occult as I am, you might be lost when it comes to gifting. What do you give someone who is obsessed with the invisible ephemera of the stars? Well, their horoscope won’t give you any clues. But never fear.

Here are some actually great gift ideas for your favorite astrology person — keep happy. You don’t know what they could manifest.

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A Birthdate Candle

An astrology lover might already know all the ins and outs of their birth chart … but they like to be reminded. This candle is a blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot for the ultimate self-knowledge and self-care moment.

Zodiac Silk Sleep Mask

Sleeping with silk accessories is already a major upgrade to anyone’s routine. This personalized signs of Zodiac sleep mask makes it even more special.

Papier Journalling Notebook

New year, same sign — but this journaling notebook will inspire anyone to be their best self for the new year.

Anima Mundi Apothecary Ritual Set

This Brooklyn-based plant medicine brand has everything you need to start your astrological and spiritual journey. From organic adaptogens to ethically harvested Palo Santo, this ceremonial set will pair great with their crystals for their full moon rituals.

Hand Embroidered Astrology Pillow

Some signs are more inclined to staying home than others. But whatever sign you’re hunting down presents for, they’ll appreciate this cozy addition to their decor.

A Mejuri Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Made of 14k solid gold pieces and ethically-sourced diamonds, these star sign pendants are the best of the best. They’re made to last forever — so they can wear it everywhere and it won’t oxidize or discolor, so they can showcase their sign with pride every day.

Little Rooms Jupiter Charm

If zodiac charms feel basic, switch it up with planet-themed charms. The days of Pandora charms are over. This jewel-encrusted charm is a unique way to bring the solar system into their look.

Cosmic Dancer Potion Perfume

Inspired by astrology and spirituality, this fragrance is more than just a sensory experience. Take your favorite lover of the cosmics to new heights with a perfume as complicated but alluring as astrology itself.

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