Listen Up Atlanta! There's A New Dentist In Town!

Tendhas completely transformed the dentist experience and is now bringing their innovative service to Atlanta.

Haven't heard of Tend? It's the new way to care for your teeth. Schedule an appointment online or through their app, choose the location that's convenient to you, then just arrive. Everything you need to know is on their site and trust us... it's all true, if not better in person.

You arrive at their beautiful Welcome Bar and are then taken to your suite. Tend makes your check-up feel like a spa experience with a comfortable area to hang your belongings and a selection of Warby Parker shades to choose from. From there, you sit back and truly relax for the first time at the dentist (we're serious).

Tend's hygienists are exceptional and they'll talk you through the whole process from x-rays to the free oral cancer check. Not only is their patient service great, but their technology is next level.

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Tenduses tools that are quieter than the traditional ones you find at other offices. Their state-of-the-art technology includes pain-minimizing tools, as well as x-ray machines that take images in 30-seconds with 80% less radiation than the traditional method.

While they clean your teeth, you've got your shades on and can watch TV on a screen mounted to the ceiling - game-changer. One episode of Squid Game and your teeth are done!

All of Tend's dentists are top-rated and unlike other offices, Tend does not pay them on commission for procedures. That means great care with no upsell or unneeded procedures for you. The dentists only recommend treatments you need and explain exactly why.

Looking for more than just your routine check-up? Tend has everything from Breezy Braces, to whitening, implants, and even emergency care, and they're bringing it all to Atlanta.

Tend accepts most major insurance providers and for those that don't have insurance, there are financing options available. Check out Tend's new ATL studio and start taking advantage of this luxury oral care service today.

Book easily online or through the app, one of the many perks you get with Tend. Never feel like skipping out on an appointment with this new go-to dental service!

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