4 Reasons to Use Banila Co

Banila Co is a skincare brand focused on keeping things simple. Banila Co uses simple ingredients to create simple products for a simple routine.

Though the elaborate 10-step routine has become ubiquitous, sometimes it's just not realistic to think we'll do the whole thing every single day and night. And the intimidation of knowing you have to do so many things using so many products can make you skip out altogether. I think we've all gone a couple too many nights without doing a full skincare routine and felt guilty for abandoning 9 out of the 10 steps.

Banila Co has the opposite mentality.

The brand delivers high-quality items without the hassle of inconsistently doing a bloated, overwrought routine. They're also the perfect base for the rest of your makeup and skincare — making them a staple for any routine.

There are many reasons to love Banila Co, and here are some of ours.

Skin First Approach

Banila Costarted with one product, a cleansing balm which goes on smooth and leaves your skin better for having used it. Whether you want a clean, fresh canvas for makeup or are getting ready for bed, the Cleaning Balm is step one.

By focusing on skin health, they promote good skin care habits and make products which ensure your skin will be better for it.

Non-Irritating Ingredients

Here's a word of caution: if it burns, it doesn't mean it's working. It means you should take it off.

For some reason, we've normalized the idea that "beauty is pain." From walnut scrubs which cause lacerations and inelegant chemical formulas, sometimes skincare can do more harm than good. However, Banila Co uses strong ingredients formulated not to irritate your skin.

Effective — It Actually works!

Banila Co's refreshing and gentle products do not sacrifice efficacy for aesthetics of skincare buzzwords. Everything is formulated for sensitive skin, to take off your makeup and clean your skin without worrying about residue.

The long-term benefits are unmatched, too. Their products don't just remove makeup, but they keep your skin hydrated and treated — maybe you'll wear less makeup in the first place!

For All Skin Types and Textures

After the success of their first Cleansing Balm, Banila Cohas made more products to include different concerns and skin textures. From a chemical exfoliant to a super intense hydrating balm for dry skin, they accommodate all skin types as well as different concerns — acne, clogged pores, and more.

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