Last Year I Went With Copenhagen Grooming For No-Shave November – This Year? I’m Going With Beard Club

Editors Note:Last year, my office buddies and I did No-Shave November. I went with Copenhagen Grooming and, man, what a bummer my wispy whiskers made me look like a hobo. But with my Beard Club Kit, I’ll win the office pool come November 30th, hands down. How can I be so sure? Because I’m already seeing results.

No-Shave November With Copenhagen Grooming:

In case you haven’t heard of it, No-Shave November is a month-long journey where participants stop shaving in order to raise cancer awareness. Men are challenged to grow out their facial hair, beard, or mustache in the interest of eradicating cancer one whisker at a time.

Last year, my office buds hosted a competition to see who’d have the most well-groomed beard by November 30th. So, I ditched my razor, collected the money I’d saved – a few bucks on shaving gear and my upscale $200 monthly haircut – and made a donation to a cancer-fighting non-profit. As a first-time No-Shaver, I gave it my all. But TBH, I made a mistake going with Copenhagen Grooming.

CG’s Beard Growth Kit boils down to a beard roller that increases blood flow to the hair follicles; a serum to stimulate beard growth; and a keychain comb that untangles the beard and helps make the beard look fuller.

Sounds simple enough, but does it actually fulfill its promises? The CG Beard Growth Kit was a mix for me. The activator serum was nothing more than a moisturizer. The beard roller fared slightly better. The microneedles successfully caused a few dormant hairs to appear. But, ultimately, it ain’t worth the price tag.

CG claims to use “natural active ingredients” to land the results I’m looking for. If I wanted to look like a hobo, then they succeeded. Because the lame, non-beard I grew last year was embarrassing.

No-Shave November After I Switched To The Beard Club:

This year, I aim to win my office bros’ No-Shave November Face-Off. I figured I should start tending to my facial locks in October to get ahead of the game. So, I went on the hunt for a winning solution and discovered the Beard Club.

From what I saw online, Beard Club has thousands of 5-star reviews that are consistently stronger than Copenhagen Grooming. Most guys report that after 7 weeks, they begin to see thicker and fuller beards.

Of course, there’s no magic pill that helps us grow a beard overnight. But the Beard Club is so positive that you’ll be pleased with the results that they offer a Beard Growth Guarantee* (if you still aren’t seeing any results after five months of following their guidelines, they’ll give you a full refund)**. I love that Beard Club puts their money where their mouth is.

Beard Club’s growth kits are designed to make the beard-growing process smoother and elevate grooming routines and experiences. Their Starter Kit ($72), The Advanced Kit ($95), and The Ultimate Kit ($180)

I chose the Ultimate Kit which includes:

  • Beard Derma Roller & Cleansing Spray
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Beard Growth Oil
  • Beard Growth Vitamin Spray
  • Beard Growth Vitamin Supplements
  • The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer – not to be used until December 1st

But what truly sets the Beard Club apart from CG – and the rest of the competition – are their Beard Growth Vitamins and Beard Growth Spray. Yes, the kit is far more than a trimmer and a derma roller. Each kit contains Beard Growth Vitamins that feature 20 essential vitamins and minerals – including B vitamins & Biotin. To my surprise, they actually work!


Switching from Copenhagen to the Beard Club is a game-changer. I wanted healthy beard growth and I found that with TBC. I’m already seeing awesome results with TBC – after just a couple of weeks, my patchiest areas are filling in. Now that I’ve got the base growth down, I’ll sail through No-Shave November with no trouble.

Sure, CG can still help guys grow and maintain their beards, but consider the price tag. The Beard Growth Kit – a 50-day supply – costs $155.

Not only is the Beard Club the more affordable of the two, but for a limited time only, Beard Club’s running a fantastic sale and offering our readers 35% off!

Don’t know where to start? No worries, Beard Club’s quick quiz allows you to customize your plan to fit your specific needs.

Stop wasting time on brands that don’t work. It’s time to join Beard Club today and bust out the MVP of beards!


*To qualify for the guarantee, you must use your monthly auto-shipments for 5 consecutive months.

**Determinations of eligibility are made at the sole discretion of The Beard Club. All claims must be made within 90 days of the date of the customer's last growth guarantee eligible order.

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