Best things to do by yourself

Here are some things to help you spend time with yourself without being lonely! If you can be with yourself for a little while without needing someone else then you can get some much needed self love and understanding. It doesn't always have to all be intense self reflection, it's all about being comfortable with yourself.

See A Movie

When the lights go down nobody is going to care that you're there alone. Everybody is just there to see a movie and they aren't spending too much energy worrying about anyone else in the audience. If there's anything you've ever wanted see and you can't find a buddy to go with then take some self care and go solo. Get a ticket and a snack and let it all go for a little while.

Go for a Walk in the Park

Get in touch with nature or just get moving to relieve some tension. Taking this time for yourself is a great way to destress and give yourself time to breathe. If you want to be alone with your thoughts then go walking and pondering. If you want to clear your mind then try an audiobook, podcast, or playlist. There are so many resources to download great listening material. You can do an easy walk in the park or amp it up to a hike or run to get some of your exercise for the day! If you don't feel like moving then grab an activity and sit while enjoying the outside world. Read a book, draw or paint, write in your journal, or even take a nap. Whatever makes you feel happy, there's no wrong way to get some solo nature time as long as you're being safe.

Go to the Gym

You don't always need a gym buddy, going solo is a great destresser. Get your cardio and blast some tunes to get your heart rate pumping and happy endorphins working. You don't even have to strain yourself but spend some time focusing on your body and your health. If you don't have a gym membership then try a workout video at home. Yoga to center yourself. Boot Camp to feel powerful. Dance party for energy. Look for a video on the internet and you'll find what you're looking for no problem.

Spa Day Alone

Treat yourself! Paint your nails, do a face masks, try out a new hairstyle, or do a makeup tutorial. Even if you are just going to take it all off two seconds later it's fine! Practicing makes perfect and you can never have too much experience and it's fun to learn new styles to see if they will work in the future. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be a luxury but an important habit. Learn to make yourself happy by giving yourself some self love and attention.

Spa Day Out

Go get your nails done out at a salon and catch up on old magazines. Find out who wore it best and treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure in a color you don't own! If you have the money or the desire then go get your hair done! Search groupon for a spa treatment like a massage or facial to get yourself glowing and beautiful. There can be inexpensive options out there and it can be really relaxing and cathartic to put your relaxation into someone else's hands.

Be Your Own Best Friend!

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