The Health Benefits Of Organ Complex Pills You Never Knew About

Food trends come and go. Some of us remember the meatloaf craze and the debate between butter vs. margarine. Thanks to the Internet boom in the 90s, we all became home-chefs, learning how to chop a pepper and smash garlic properly. The hype was all over low-fat and calorie counting and then moved towards the no-carb, eat-all-the-bacon-you-want diets. Whether you're a vegetarian, pescatarian, or a vegan, your food choices relate to your personal values. Trends today have people craving whole foods that are produced locally and provide values to their personal well being. But did you know that the fruits and vegetables we eat today are rapidly losing their nutritional value?

A recent study found that one orange from the 1950s is equivalent to the nutritional value of 21 oranges from today. Over time, our soil has been depleted from intensive agriculture, with fertilizers and seed selection playing a role. *1 With efforts to eat more natural foods, we're discovering new ways to find nutritional value. The new movement is organ meats, often labeled a superfood for being exceedingly high in vitamins and nutrients.

"Offal" refers to the organ meats and the parts of the animal that are often discarded. 50 years ago, no food ever went to waste; our grandparents benefitted from offal's immense nutritional value, as do many worldwide cultures.

Most of us can't stomach the idea of organ meats, let alone the taste, but one popular supplement turns it into an easy pill to swallow. Paleovalley's Grass Fed Organ Complex is a nutritional supplement loaded with nutrients from beef liver, beef heart, and beef kidney. Not sure you're ready for this modern twist on the past? Here's how it can benefit any diet.

More Energy and Less Pain

The most common reviews from customers applaud Paleovalley for their increased energy and decreased pain. As we age, we often become more exhausted from our daily routines, and our muscles and joints can start to ache. But with a vitamin super-boost from grass fed animal organs, we're able to make up the energy we lose from the daily slog.

No Aftertaste

Not everyone is excited to sauté some beef heart. With zero flavors you get all the benefits with none of the aftertastes of meat organs.

Great for Any Diet

Paleo and keto eaters already know about the wonders of organ meat. The Paleolithic diet favors the consumption of grass fed animals, and the Ketogenic diet insists on a significant amount of high-quality protein.

Great For Pregnancy

Organs are also extremely beneficial in neonatal care. Between breastfeeding and the controversy over consuming placenta, this should be an easy pill to swallow. In addition to an explosion of folate, copper, zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin A, and many more, there are no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids used in the cattle-raising process.

With the highest concentration of B12, the Organ Complex can aid people who can't stomach the taste of meat but are B12-deficient. All of the leading sources of B12 are animal products, and grass fed beef liver is number one. B12 deficiencies can be detrimental, leading to jaundice, anemia, fatigue, dizziness, mood swings, and even nerve damage, and could be fatal until scientists discovered that raw liver could cure patients. And since Paleovalley raises its animals in an ethical, natural habitat by U.S. farmers, their rotational grazing practices lead to regenerated soil, decreasing carbon levels in the atmosphere, and healthier, happier cows.

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Plus, if you're not happy with your purchase, they have a 60 day money back guarantee - they'll refund you with no questions asked!

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