KP? Flaky Fall Skin? 5 Best Body Products for Smooth Skin

It seems like every skincare brand is pivoting to a body care line these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into it. It’s yet another frontier to fuel my addiction to shopping for beauty products. And I’ve been making a list of all the new, sexy body care products I want and checking it twice.

The glazed-donut trend is here to stay. The dewy skin era of Glossier and K-Beauty has given way to the Clean Look, epitomized by none other than Hailey Bieber and the likes of Zoe Kravitz and even Rihanna’s Fenty Skin. Everyone is looking to achieve that bare-faced glow and glossy, glazed look.

Now, we’re trying to get the same silky smooth look on our bodies, too. Body care is no longer just a necessity, it’s an aesthetic. TikTok is full of tips to get rid of conditions like “strawberry skin,” aka keratosis pilaris, and hacks like using glycolic acid to fade body scars and beat body acne.

I’m here for it all: the tips, the hacks, and the product recommendations.

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Now that it’s fall, I’m taking all this advice to heart to keep myself soft, smooth, and moisturized as we enter the season of flaky, dry skin. In this endeavor, I can’t trust TikTok for all my advice, so I’m taking the advice of celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar.

Natalie is the owner/founder of the exclusive N4 Skincare studio in West Hollywood, and as an Angeleno (and avid follower of Deuxmoi), I’m obsessed with celeb skincare secrets. I’ve started following Natalie’s tips religiously in my quest for the best body care routine.

Stay Hydrated

“Drink plenty of water,” says Natalie. “The best way to combat tight and dehydrated skin during the fall and winter is to maintain internal hydration. Most of us don't get as thirsty in cool weather, so you have to remind yourself to hydrate and incorporate electrolytes.”

Cool It On the Hot Showers

I love a scorching hot shower. Especially as the weather starts to cool; however, Natalie says this might be sabotaging my skin. “Hot showers are the biggest mistake one can make to sabotage their skin’s health in the fall! Hot water just depletes our skin of moisture, making it itchy, uncomfortable, and even drier than it was before the shower.”

Use Good Ingredients

I’ve spent a lot of time finding products that protect my face’s moisture barrier. But I’ve never thought of doing the same for my body. Natalie says to look for “ceramides, hyaluronic acid, lipids, electrolytes, and oils.” Noted.

In this quest, I’m searching for body products for flaky fall skin that meet the ingredient requirements — and, yes, look good on my bathroom shelf. Some of the body products I’ve seen on Instagram and TikTok look cool and unique, but I’ve been burned in the past by pretty products with no substance.

That being said, trying out new brands is part of the fun. I’ve already made pretty strong headway in my quest to find the best body care solutions. Here are the brands that are actually worth the hype:

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Necessaire Body Set

via Necessaire

Necessaire is probably in the That Girl starter pack for an aesthetic shower. Luckily for me, my friends know what I like, and I got the full Necessaire set for my birthday. I’m pleased to announce it’s worth the hype. Start with the gentle scrub, which uses Volcanic Pumice and Charcoal Bamboo to physically exfoliate your skin while AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, and Niacinamide smooth out your skin just as well as your facial products. Get the full set on Sephora.

Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash

via Kosas

I save the Necessaire set for days I really need an in-shower pick-me-up. But my tried, and true favorite product is the Kosas Sport body wash. To be clear, I don’t do the sports of it all. But this AHA/BHA body wash is the ultimate everyday product.

Soft Services Smoothing Set

Soft Services is a sexy version of something you’d imagine being prescribed by your derm. It’s skincare for your body with hardworking ingredients and cute packaging. A win-win. Polish away dead skin with the Buffing Bars, then soothe and hydrate with the urea-rich Carea Cream.

Iota Body Collection

via Iota

You’ve probably heard of protecting your microbiome — so why not give your body the same treatment? Iota’s body set is new on the skincare scene and sure to make a splash. Start with detoxifying or brightening body washes, but the serum is the standout product.

First Aid Beauty KP Body Scrub

via First Aid Beauty

The KP Bump Eraser has likely been all over your feeds — and for good reason. This AHA and physical exfoliator works magic on bumpy skin. And it’s not just Instagram fodder — this silky body polish actually works.

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