Here's How I went from Bra Shopping Hell to the Perfect Fit

ATTENTION FULL FIGURED LADIES! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. I'm a 38 DD, and all my life bra shopping has been an absolute nightmare. When I was in high school (at the time I was a little bigger, and a DDD) everyone else would go to the mall and come back with whatever neon-pink push up was in fashion, and I would be stuck driving to the Old Lady stores with my mom, feeling totally ashamed of my size and just want the experience to be over as quickly as possible. Now that I'm an adult, I've gained the confidence to rock my curves and absolutely love my body. But bra shopping is still hard.

Most of all, I've been jealous of my friends who are card-carrying members of the itty bitty titty committee because they can rock the bralette trend that's huge right now. Bralettes seem amazing: no wires, they're hella comfortable, give you barely-there support, and you can even wear them with high waisted pants and a jacket as a cool weekend look! There's only one problem: no one makes bralettes for busty girls. OK, a *few* brands make bralettes in bigger sizes, but even when that's the case, they don't have the support busty women really need. 🙄 So, when a friend told me that LIVELY has a ton of bralette options specifically made for DD and DDD sizes, I was intrigued...but wasn't getting my hopes up.

I went to their website and was impressed that they actually used models that looked like real women, and their DDD models had a wide range of body sizes. It put me at ease to see pictures of larger women like me looking just as hip, as comfortable and as happy as all the other models. And my friend wasn't kidding...there were a ton of different options for bralettes in my size!

I started out by ordering the Full Support Bralette, because it really looked supportive in pictures, and then added in a Busty Bralette with a fun tropical print for when I was feeling more bold. They also had a lot of lacy options, and even fun metallic and colorblock ones, but prints are more my thing. They were only $35 each, which is so affordable for bras! I even got free shipping on my order over $40.


A few days later when the LIVELY shipment arrived, I was so excited to see if they could finally solve my bralette dilemma. I tried the Full Support version first and wore it to work under a button-up. It didn't dig into my skin like a lot of bras do, and I honestly just barely noticed it was there! Plus, what I really liked was that it helped smooth out the look of my boobs under a shirt, so the buttons just laid flat. To this day, this bralette remains my every-day bra, because it's so comfortable.

I ended up liking both bralettes so much, that I took the plunge and ordered a strapless bra, too. I had just about given up on strapless options entirely and tried to buy clothes with straps or sleeves for the summer months instead. While LIVELY's strapless doesn't beat out their Full Support Bralette when it comes to being my favorite for everyday wear, I was completely surprised at how comfortable it was, and how well it stayed in place without wires. Now that wedding season is rolling around, I'm looking at a ton of bodice sleeveless dresses and am confident that the strapless bra will get me through the season feeling and looking like a princess at the ball.

LIVELY has really become my go-to for lingerie and even swimwear. I recommend them to my friends of all sizes, but especially to my friends in the DDD range. I want to shout it from the rooftops: FULL SIZED WOMEN CAN WEAR BRALETTES, TOO!!!!!

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