This Year's Best Gift: Hatch Restore

The holidays are coming up faster than we think and that means the gift hunt is on.

Our editors wanted to simplify the gifting process for readers and took a deep dive into the market to find out what truly needs to be given this year. We found that what people have needed the most after such a hectic year is a goodnight's rest.

Giving the gift of sleep? Sounds harder than it actually is.

The must-have sleep solution this year is the Hatch Restore. This sunrise alarm clock is changing sleep routines giving users the rest they deserve and desperately need.

You may be wondering how an alarm clock helps you get more restful sleep and the key with Hatch is that they help you craft a sleep routine bringing back quality rest. Hatch's Restore combines a smart light and sound machine to help you program a routine that works for you.

From the app, you can set a wind-down routine with Restore choosing from various soundscapes, meditations, reading lights, and time durations. Control it all from the device itself and put your phone aside for the night helping you fall asleep easier.

Then in the morning, the lamp begins to turn on slowly, changing colors to mimic a sunrise providing a more natural awakening. When you're exposed to the gradual increase in light, your brain releases cortisol making your wake up gentle and not jarring. You can even customize your sunrise, choosing from options like Malibu Sunrise, Morning in Prague, and Nordic Sunrise.

Say goodbye to that first, harsh morning light when you pull the curtains back. Plus, wake up to peaceful nature sounds or classic alarm clock noise — whatever works for you, Hatch has it.

While the Hatch Sleep app is free when you give someone a Restore you're also giving them a 6-month free trial of the premium membership, which gives them access to the complete expansive sounds library. You can give someone high-quality rest for just $129.95, and we all know amazing sleep truly is priceless.

This is the perfect holiday gift for everyone in your life: tired parents, sleepy teenagers, and anyone else that loves sleep but can't seem to get enough. It's easy to set-up when it arrives, simply plug-in and pair it to your device and wifi making it a cool tech gift that everyone can enjoy.

The sleek Hatch Restore also goes with every bedroom aesthetic, so don't worry it will blend in perfectly on any bedside table. Alarm clocks can be simple and chic with Hatch.

We've fallen in love with Hatch's Restore and it's topping our editor's gift guide this season.

Get someone this alarm clock and it will definitely be their favorite gift that keeps on giving 365 days a year. Gifts are meant to be functional, stylish, and cool, with Hatch you get all 3 and so much more!

You deserve better sleep. Start enjoying a restful night's sleep with Hatch Restore today!

Start Sleeping Better with Hatch Restore!
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