The Five Best Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, it's easy to lose focus while you spend too much time worrying about finding the perfect gifts or cooking an enormous meal for the family. However, it's important to remember self-care to reduce stress. Don't wait for loved ones to understand your hints. Instead, consider buying yourself one or all of the following gifts.

1. Oversized Blanket

You can stop playing tug of war on the couch over the flimsy blanket by buying yourself an oversized throw. The Eddie Bauer Sherpa throw is made from soft fleece and is large enough to keep you warm from winter drafts. It has smooth fleece on one side and textured material on the other side. When you wrap yourself in this throw, you'll feel like you're drifting on a cloud.

2. Sugar Scrub

The winter weather can make your skin dry and flaky, but a sugar scrub can exfoliate dead skin cells and smell incredible at the same time. Try the Giovanni hot chocolate sugar scrub that gently removes dull skin and conditions it with essential oils. It has crushed cocoa beans that give the scrub a rich scent that will make you think you're drinking hot chocolate. The other ingredients include kukui nut oil, shea butter oil, vitamin E, walnut shell powder, aloe vera leaf juice, honey extract, sweet almond fruit extract, macadamia seed extract, cocoa seed butter, and essential oils.

3. Scented Candle

If you need an easy way to lower stress during the holiday season, then grab a scented candle and enjoy a few minutes of peace. Consider trying the Chesapeake Bay candle collection, which burns slowly and fills the room with a pleasant scent. Try the lavender thyme fragrance for serenity and calmness, or pick the cashmere jasmine scent to find peace and tranquility. The candles have essential oils and come with a wood-grain lid.

4. Eyeshadow Palette

Upgrade your eyeshadow palette by getting the Urban Decay Elements palette. It comes in a gorgeous case with gold and crystal details. The palette includes 19 unique eyeshadows that you can mix or wear alone. The colors include mattes, shimmers, and metallics. Try the smoky purple color with pink iridescent sparkles or choose the pinkish silver shade with iridescent micro-glitter. The colors are highly pigmented and easy to apply.

5. Self-Care Subscription Box

Instead of celebrating self-care once during the holidays, sign up for a monthly subscription box to make it easier to take time for yourself. From beauty to books, there are many ways to pamper yourself. Try the hope box that comes with handmade treasures and is cruelty-free, or sign up for the yoga box with wellness gifts and products. Having a subscription means you won't have to waste time looking for ideas, and you'll get a surprise in the mail every month.

This holiday season, don't forget to buy yourself a gift. Consider choosing one of these five options, so you can relax and relieve stress.

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