We Compared And Contrasted Hair Wellness Products, Here's What We Learned

Which hair product actually works?

Losing your hair is a weird (and weirdly common!), not-so-pleasant experience, but it doesn't have to be permanent.

The hair growth market has really changed since the days of infomercials - some of the big players are still around, but there are also some newer ones.

Honestly, we thought they all used the same ingredients and different labels, but once our staff started doing some research (and trying some products!), we noted some serious differentiating factors (huge price discrepancies! horrible side effects!).

So yes, we compared and contrasted hair products - some of the big names and the smaller up-and-comers.

These are the top favorites we looked at: Rogaine, Vegamour, Nutrafol, and hers.

And here are our findings:


Everyone's heard of this classic, maybe even from late-night tv. Women's Rogaine comes in a 5% Minoxidil Unscented Foam and a 2% topical solution that comes in a dropper.

They claim you should see results after four months of once or twice-daily use, depending on the product.

There are some serious side effects: some people may experience a dry, itchy scalp and irritation of the treated area, changes in hair color and/or texture, unwanted facial hair, a temporary increase in hair loss, and in the case of the foam, burning or irritation (it contains alcohol).

The before-and-after pictures are convincing, and the company has been around for something like 20 years. They're apparently the number one dermatologist-recommended brand, but we were honestly horrified at one disclaimer: Minoxidil can lead to heart problems and exacerbate existing ones. It was originally known to treat high blood pressure.

Many doctors will prescribe it alongside another drug to prevent this, but we really value our hearts more than our hair follicles. This was not a trade many of us were willing to make.


This company piqued our interest because they're vegan and non-toxic, but they still have clinical studies that show results and plenty of positive customer reviews. You may see results as early as 4 weeks, but they say you should definitely notice a difference after 3 months.

The key ingredients in their bestselling topical GRO solution are mung bean and red clover, which inhibit the production of hair-damaging DHT, curcumin, which helps lengthen the hair's growth phase, and Nicotiana Benthamiana, a native Australian plant with hair-growing qualities.

One of our staffers used this religiously (she said it smells "lovely with a light and fresh scent, not too strong") and swore she saw results after just 2 months! We really like the natural approach, and their copious cited studies helped us trust in the ingredients, even though we were skeptical of a natural solution.

People also love their eyebrow and eyelash products, since the toxic alternatives like Latisse are known to possibly cause eye discoloration and permanent damages.


This was shocking to us - hers is just Minoxidil! This company's website looks like other clean beauty brands, but it's the same harmful active ingredient as Rogaine. They also offer Latisse with a hers label, so we hesitate to still call them a women's health brand with such dangerous offerings.

However, we noticed their 2% topical solution in 2 oz. clocks in at nearly half the price of Rogaine! We couldn't believe the name-brand markup for the same product. If you're willing to brave the risks, get your Minoxidil here.


This brand is 100% natural like Vegamour, and they use a blend of 21 ingredients in pill form to achieve fuller, thicker hair. You're supposed to notice a difference in 1-3 months.

We were disappointed to see that the first 2 ingredients are ashwagandha, a stress-decreasing adaptogen, and collagen. While stress absolutely contributes to hair loss, it's not always the number one cause, and the benefits of ingesting collagen still aren't proven.

That said, taking a pill every day is super easy, and one of our staffers loved how the ingredients made her feel! She noticed a difference in her hair after a month, but we felt that this was more of an overall wellness/holistic product than specifically a hair growth one.

Overall Verdict

Out of all the hair wellness products, we're loving Vegamour.

It's high-quality, vegan, and concentrated with no toxins, and is more affordable than other natural options, especially with a subscription. Although we were nervous it wouldn't work, since it didn't have Minoxidil, we were floored by the results, and had such a peace of mind that we wouldn't have to worry about freakin' heart problems for our hair growth solutions.

Vegamour also has a version with hemp, which is supposed to reduce inflammation, further stimulating hair follicles, as well as vitamin-boosted gummies and powders.

If you're going for Minoxidil, don't go for Rogaine, but we honestly don't know why anyone wouldn't try Vegamour first. This stuff works better, and it's so much better for you.

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