Keto 101: How To Keto With Green Chef

Diets have come and gone, but the latest eating trend to takeover is so popular that it's turned into a $5 billion industry. It's keto—the high-fat, low-carb diet that promises high energy, satiation, and more clear thinking. Keto involves eating around 20 grams of carbohydrates or fewer and a high percentage of fats and proteins. The goal is to keep your body in a constant state of ketosis, in which you're running purely on fat instead of sugar and carbs.

Most subscription meal kits just offer a quick-fix for dinner, but Green Chef caters to individualized dietary preferences with pre-prepped, ready to cook organic ingredients. The service offers a keto meal plan that's pre-portioned and super low carb, plus others like paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

So often, keto dieters hit a wall where they're feeling stressed about making their own keto meals or just can't think of new recipes to cook. Instead of the run-of-the-mill grilled chicken and veggies, Green Chefoffers things like Japanese Chicken and Fritters and Mediterranean Meatballs. Like most diets, it can be daunting to stick to a keto lifestyle because so many foods are off limits. If you're thinking of going keto, there are some deceptively healthy foods with hidden carbs that make them a no-go on a keto diet. Green Chef is well aware, so you'll never have to double check an ingredient list with their meals. Here are some of the seemingly healthy foods you might be surprised to find out don't play nice with the keto diet.


Beets are an extremely versatile ingredient, but not so great for the keto goers. Restaurants may sneak a few beets into a salad, but with Green Chef, you can trust that there aren't any carb-heavy ingredients like this in your dinner.


Beans and legumes are good for keeping you full and energized but will knock you quickly out of ketosis if you eat too many (and "too many" might be a handful). Instead, go with something more protein-rich like tofu or something rich in fat like an avocado.


Much like sweet potatoes, carrots are a veggie that's high in sugar. Root veggies in general, while otherwise healthy, are a no-go for the keto diet because of their high carb count. Green Chef mostly strays away from them in their keto recipes, such as in their Coconut Crusted Chicken recipe.


Some of us might grab a banana on our way out the door, but a medium one can cost a keto-dieter upwards of 25 carbohydrates -- knocking them out of ketosis first thing in the morning. Opt for fruits that are more keto friendly like strawberries and blueberries..


There's nothing better than enjoying an ear of corn on a summer day, but that'll be your whole day's worth of carbs if you're eating keto. Cauliflower rice is a great substitution for carbier starches like corn, rice, or potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a more nutrient-rich alternative to their starchy, white counterpart, but for those on the keto diet, they're too high in sugar and carbs. In the keto box, Green Chef takes advantage of veggies that are less starchy like cabbage and peppers in order to keep your carb count down.

Eating strictly keto can be intimidating, no matter how new to the diet you are. But with Green Chef, everything comes pre-prepared, portioned and ready to cook, and you can trust that all ingredients are fresh, organic, and keto-friendly. Starting at just $12.99 a meal, it's a no brainer for anyone looking to give the low-carb lifestyle a try.

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