Why Green Chef Shamrocks My World

Diets are always hard, whatever your motivation for doing them. This spring, I was looking to shed some of the winter weight I had put on. But I wasn't looking forward to dieting: diets restrict you, making grocery store shopping and deciding what to have for dinner difficult. I tried the Keto diet a while back, and even though I got through the first few days, it didn't take long before I tripped and ended up sneaking cookies or junk food throughout the day. Especially now that St. Paddy's Day is coming up, I know I'm going to want all my favorite foods like McDonald's Shamrock Milkshake and good old fashioned corned beef hash. I was worried that trying to stick to the keto diet would be too hard, even though I love the energy and lean muscle the Keto diet gives me. I had almost quit for good when a friend told me there is a very simple solution to my Keto diet problems; Green Chef.

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that specializes in plans like Keto, Paleo, and Vegan. Instead of stressing about recipes, counting carbs and watching what I eat like a hawk, Green Chef sends the exact ingredients for 3/4/5 meals per week with most of the work already done. This includes chopped veggies and pre-made sauces, allowing me to cook up a storm in 30 minutes without falling out of Ketosis, the supreme state where your body is on a high and burns fat like a machine. Before Green Chef, so much of my time was spent googling "What Can I Eat On Keto Diet", and now I'm discovering things in my dinner that I didn't even know I was allowed! Like my favorite corned beef St Paddy's treat, which is totally keto friendly.

Is Keto a walk in the park? No, I'd love to be downing green beers and Guinness pints to celebrate the holiday, but the perks to being Keto are worth it. I sleep better, my skin glows, I get to eat so much cheese, liquor is allowed, my energy levels skyrocket and I can focus for hours on end. Green Chef is the solution for people who want to follow a specific plan and want a quick, tasty and healthy solution, without the workload.

There are other perks to Green Chef aside from the health benefits. The packaging is eco-friendly, and Green Chef is a USDA certified-organic meal-kit company, and the delicious sauces often come ready-made, leaving you with just the mere preparation on those busy evenings. I came home from a long day last week and almost forgot that the Green Chef box was waiting for me. It took a little under thirty minutes to assemble but the end result was just fantastic – Vietnamese Steak Salad with cabbage, bell pepper, pickled cucumber, cashews & mint. After a quick marinade, the steaks went in the pan while I tossed the salad, trying to arrange it like I was in a fancy restaurant just for the extra touch. The contrasting colors and flavors put a smile on my face, and finally, I had confidence in continuing on my Keto journey.

Since starting Green Chef, I can honestly say I am a changed person. I'm completely committed to the Keto diet, and I've even fallen in love with cooking thanks to the incredible dinners. The service is easy to use and flexible, you can skip a week whenever you want but I rarely do - the simplicity of getting tasty food shipped to my door without any hassle or recipe hunting is blissful. I never thought I'd look forward to cooking or stick to something for more than 5 minutes, but that's the effect Green Chef can have. In the spring, everything turns green after a long, cold winter. Why not turn your kitchen green, too?

Update: The folks at Green Chef are extending a special St. Patrick's Day offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $50 off your first Green Chef box.

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