Best Outdoor Workouts For The Spring

Spring is fully in swing. As I write this article, it’s 80 degrees outside and sunny. People are finally strolling the streets and eating outdoors again. You can even go outside without a jacket. Pure bliss.

If you’re anything like me, you come alive when the weather gets warm. Suddenly, you’re willing to commit to all of those plans you turned down over the winter. You want to clean your house, go to the gym, and your mood is close to exuberant.

Sure, you didn’t get around to your New Year’s resolutions…but why not start now? We all know the panic of suddenly realizing that summer’s snuck up on us again. And who has spent one minute in the gym? But I also know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get there.

Gym anxiety is real. As I grow older, I realize many people are scared to go to the gym simply because they don’t want people watching them…and they have no clue what to do once they arrive.

While the gym can feel overwhelming and like you’re putting on a show…working out outdoors can be a great start to establishing a fun exercise routine. Using the outdoors to workout means the world is your gym!

If you want a little more privacy, I have a radical idea. Go out in the open. I’m sure there are tons of spots around your area that help you hide in plain sight while you’re getting your sweat on.

In my case, I like to head to a park or the beach in the morning with my AirPods and get a quick session in before anyone notices I’m there.

Now that you’ve picked a place, it’s time to find some awesome outdoor workouts that anyone can do. Whether it’s a low-impact yoga flow or a 30-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, getting outside can help you get moving.

Here are the best outdoor workouts for spring!

Full Body Yoga For Stress Relief

There’s nothing better for your body than stretching after sitting around all day working. Through both movement and breathing techniques, yoga will help alleviate tension in your body, relieve stress, and tone your body.

You can practice yoga literally anywhere! Just bring a mat (or use a soft surface like grass or sand) and pick whatever online yoga class speaks to you. One of my favorites is this quick 25-minute session that helps me start my day off positively.

Full Body Cardio HIIT Workout

HIIT is great for getting your heart rate up and burning calories fast. All it takes is 20 minutes of intermittent cardio bursts and you have your workout done for the day.

This class provides alternatives to workouts for those who may not be physically able to achieve all the moves included.

Band Workouts

A resistance band can be a great substitute for weights. By varying the strength of resistance bands and using on different parts of your body, you’ll feel the same burn as if you used dumbbells.

I did this band workout and was sore for days afterward…in a good way. It’s quick and effective and can be done in your house, at the gym, or outside.

Have A Set Of Weights?

If you have more ambitious goals and want to bring equipment to your outdoor workout, bring a set of weights! For those who want to bulk up, use heavier weights. For those looking to tone up and slim down, use 5-10 lb weights.

I love this workout because there’s no attention-grabbing jumping that can make people nervous about trying HIIT. Plus, it’s a full workout in only 30 minutes, so you can easily do any time of day.

For The Abs

We all need a good ab workout in our lives. Your core is what keeps you strong, helps mitigate back problems, and increases stability. Plus, when summertime hits, I find myself wishing I managed a few more ab workouts.

You’ll probably remember Chloe Ting from the pandemic, where everyone obsessed over her at-home workout plans. She had us all convinced we were going to glow up during the pandemic, but her workouts are timeless.

Pilates Outside

Pilates is the new It-Girl workout. Every single celebrity you know is doing pilates: Tate McRae, Glen Powell, Jake Shane (@octopusslover8 on TikTok), Brooke Schofield, the list is endless. And more are hopping on the trend.

Yoga’s more intense sister workout is all the rage for a reason. Try this outdoor pilates workout to switch things up for your routine.

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