The Top 10 Pet Gifts Of 2022

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We all know someone who spoils their pet a bit too much. And who can blame them? Furry friends bring us more joy than we can ever repay them for. So spoiling them every once in a while is the least we can do.

Whether you’re a pet-lover desperately searching for your bundle of joy's next favorite toy, or you’re seeking a Secret Santa gift for the girl on your team who drinks her morning coffee out of her Crazy Cat Lady Mug, we have some ideas to help you find the best pet gifts out there....

1. A Wild One Poop Bag Pouch ($40 From Wild One)

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Who says poop-bag-holders can’t look cool? Wild One has the trendiest, yet most convenient pouch to hold all dog owner essentials. They come in stunning colors including Lilac, Spruce (Green), Cocoa, and Black. With an easy-access compartment for poop bags in the front and enough space for treats and personal belongings, this is a game changer for dog owners who like to meet style with functionality.

2. The Litter Robot 3 ($499 From Litter Robot)

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If you really want to splash out this year, this boujee litter box is the way to go. The carbon filter absorbs moisture to eliminate odors. Arguably the best part is that it’s self-cleaning, so that means there's no need to scoop waste and your sweet little cat will always have fresh litter. No wonder cats love it as much as their owners!

3. Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment ($48 From Chewy)

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We all know that bathing our animals can be, um?… challenging at times. Some cooperate like very good boys and girls, and others not so much. But not to worry, this Shower Wand will make bath time run smoothly. Simply attach this to your shower pipe, utility sink, or garden hose. The comb-like streams of water can be adjusted for higher or lower pressure to ensure your furry friends get squeaky clean.

4. Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain ($26.99 from Amazon)

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We’ve all seen at least 10 viral videos of a cat drinking from the sink or the toilet. Turns out, cats love that low-grade water — ewww. But they’ll love this water fountain even more. With 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this fountain spurts water from a cute plastic flower that then dispenses water into a stainless steel bowl. A circulating filtration system purifies the water and removes dirt, food particles, hair and other debris, so cats can drink top-of-the-line, filtered water.

5. Lesotc Travel Water Bottle For Dogs ($18 from Amazon)

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While cats favor drinking water from fountains, dogs will drink from pretty much anything. But this durable travel bottle will always provide a water bowl to drink from thanks to its brilliant design. The cap folds into a bowl so it's ideal for walks and hikes. Plus, it's lightweight, leakproof, and BPA-free. Perfect for dog owners on-the-go.

6. Petcube Play 2 ($140 From Amazon)

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Everyone knows at least one cat owner who feels painfully guilty leaving their furry friends at home. Well you’re in luck — The Petcube Play doubles as a camera and a cat toy so you can play with them while you’re away from home. The 1080p HD video camera and built-in laser toy can be controlled remotely from your phone. You can talk to them as they play and even set it to autoplay to keep your pets entertained for longer. And there’s the ultra wide-angle view, night vision and 4x zoom capabilities which are totally awesome.

7. Reddy LED Dog Collar ($30 From Petco)

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Evening walks are enjoyable, until you lose sight of your doggy in the dark. You can help curb that sinking feeling with this LED light-up collar. It comes in three blue-hued light modes: constant, quick blink, and slow blink — each provide different levels of visability and immeasurable peace of mind for dog owners.

8. Trill Paws Dog Tag With Engravable Back ($25 From Chewy)

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Dog collar tags are a necessity to make sure dog owners get reunited with their pets. This one will definitely get some laughs with the “have your people call my people” message on the front. You can get a monogram or name and the owner’s phone number engraved on the back.

9. NACOCO Christmas Dog or Cat Elf Sweater ($14.99 from Amazon)

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Who doesn’t want to take cute holiday photos of their pets in an elf jumper? This jumper fits both cats and dogs, and what a reasonable price for those pet owners you’re shopping for!

10. Roverlund Out-Of-Office Pet Carrier ($149 from Roverlund)

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This carrier is an all-in-one car seat and travel bag for your pet. The carry strap also doubles as a built-in leash — talk about convenience. It has a waterproof, leakproof bottom, washable fleece interior lining, and large pockets for treats and other pet necessities. Perfect for both dogs and cats, this carrier comes in two sizes and multiple colorways.

Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splash out, a gift that makes a pet happy — or a pet-owner! — is money well spent.

Get gifting now before it's too late, you won’t regret it!

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