The best shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged winter hair

Before opening Barber and Brew in the Hudson Valley in 2017 with his partner James Caroll, Richard Corio worked at the top salons in New York City, including Bumble & Bumble, Sally Hershberger, Garren and Oribe, which means he really knows a lot about hair. 2017 was a particularly harsh winter in the northeast, and Corio has been getting a lot of questions from his clients about the best products to use at this time of year. Whether you are in New York or Colorado, dry, fly-away winter hair is an issue for everyone. We asked Corio for his top winter hair products and here is what he told us.

"The best thing for your hair, in any season, is to let it be what it is, and not use a lot of products to try to make it be what it is not. You can't make straight hair curly, or curly hair straight, without doing some degree of damage. That said, just like you change the kind of clothes you wear with the season, so should you change the kinds of products you use on your skin and hair. The heat and moisture of summer trap dirt, so you at that point you are going to be washing or cleansing your hair frequently.

Conversely, the lack of moisture in the air, combined with cold temperatures of winter mean you need to condition your hair and put moisture back in. There is an enormous spectrum of products on the market to choose from, with all natural cleansers and conditioners on one end to brands that are loaded with chemicals. All natural products might not damage your hair, but they tend to weigh it down. Products that contain chemicals will give you immediate results, but will dry your hair out in the long run. We use Malin and Goetz products in my salon, and I think they are the best. They nourish the hair while giving you the style results you get with products that contain alcohol and silicone. The moisturizing shampoo uses an amino acid based cleaner and panthenol and meadowfoam to rehydrate the hair. Their intensive conditioner uses amino acid protein and essential fatty acids to restore dry, damaged hair. It can also be used as a leave-in conditioner.

I also strongly recommend using a hair oil. Weleda rosemary oil is excellent. Be sure to use an oil that is formulated for hair, as opposed to straight olive oil or coconut oil. "

When the experts speak, we listen!

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