Reviving Your Hair Color Without The Salon’s Help

I’m no stranger to dying my hair on a whim. I settle on one shade for a few months at a time, but my attention span is so short that I'm often compared to a chameleon due to my ever-changing hair color.

Some call it impulsive, I call it spontaneous.

But my taste in hair color is not the result of a mental breakdown, as many often presume. I just like to see what makes me feel confident. Turns out, the only way to learn if blondes have more fun is to go blonde yourself.

I’m not gonna lie, my preferences fall a tad basic on the trend scale. But who cares? I’ve gone through money piece blonde highlights, a shadow root, full summer blonde, black, whatever. Because let’s face it: I will not live forever. So I may as well dye my hair.

Celebrities debut new hues all the time …even if they are mostly wigs. Julia Fox dying her hair gray as a love letter to getting old, Kim Kardashian going platinum for her ode to Marilyn Monroe, Billie Eilish doing a green root. I’m here for it all.

Right now, I’m leaning into the copper trend. I’m not going full Kendall Jenner here, but when the light hits my brown hair it goes a little auburn. I’ve convinced myself that, since I have peachy undertones in my skin, my hair will look best with some red in it. Makes sense, right?

To save a few hundred dollars every six weeks, I dye my hair at home these days. And while I love the result every time, the color dulls after a few weeks. Before I know it, I need a little pick-me-up to revive the red sitting under the surface.

While you normally reserve a hair appointment for your root touchup, no one wants to go to the salon to bring out your color after three weeks. A few months ago, my prayers were answered thanks to none other than Kim Kardashian’s hair guru, Chris Appleton.

@chrisappletonhair Finally water proof frizz free hair 🤟🏽 #dreamcoat ♬ original sound - Chrisappleton1

The ColorWow Dream Coat recently went viral on TikTok, leaving users in awe at how it removes all frizz, brings out the color, and even waterproofs your hair. Sign me up. Chris Appleton swears on his life that this is his secret to the perfect blowout. I could lie and say I wasn’t influenced … but I was.

After first use, I was in shock at how many people complimented my hair color. Numerous times, friends of mine asked if I had dyed my hair a little red. But no, it was just the ColorWow magic. I’ve had the same bottle for about six months and I’m still not out. And thus was born a cult follower of ColorWow.

@chrisappletonhair I was shocked at the results of the money mask hair challenge. What do you guys think?
♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) - Doja Cat

Everyone wants to feel that fresh-out-of-the-salon look, even if you haven’t been in over four months. Which is why I’ve been finding the best products to revive your hair color without having to take a trip to the salon. This year, it’s about self-sufficiency.

And the list goes as follows:

Color Wow Party Girl Glass Hair Kit 

Holiday kits are all the rage with the Christmas season looming. This means brands have all their bestsellers in one discounted kit. This is perfect for those looking to bring out their color with the full-size Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner, and a travel-sized Dream Coat.

Chris Appleton x Color Wow Money Mask

This mask is for “super glossy, expensive looking hair” aka the Kardashian look. Formulated by Chris Appleton, this will bring out your color and give you frizz-free locks. It also comes with a cute comb to help distribute the mask.

Kerastase Chroma Gloss Hair Gloss

When I had the most damaged hair from bleaching it, my stylist gave me a Kerastase mask which worked wonders. I’ve been a devotee ever since, and this gloss is no exception.

It gives you that salon glaze with no mess, and you can just use it in the shower for instant shine.

Eva Tone It Down Shampoo

My roommate says “by leaps and bounds” this is her favorite purple shampoo. It gives your hair the ashy blonde look that everyone is always looking for without a trip to the salon. Eva is one of the best affordable hair care brands on the market with effective products that aren’t a waste of time.

Kristin Ess Hair Gloss

For a quick color pick up, Kristin Ess offers this gloss treatment in multiple tones to fully resurrect your hair color. I use this for when the red is running too low on my hair to give it a quick boost.

You don’t have to go to the salon for that freshly-dyed look. Take care of your hair and don't forget those moisturizing products that lock in your color a bit longer.

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