Celebrate Stress Awareness Month By Saving Stressed Out Skin

You can hide a lot. You can hide how you’re feeling, you can hide secrets and sweet treats from yourself. You hide sharp objects from little children, and snacks from your dog. What you can’t hide is stressed out skin.

It’s a stressful point of the year: you’ve been scrambling to file your taxes, work all day, work out, uphold your social life (or what’s left of it), and check all the chores off your to-do list. There’s a lot to be stressed about, and while you may be doing a good job of hiding it…your skin may be telling a different story.

Despite having a devout skincare routine, I’m someone who deals with hormonal acne. No matter what I tried, I found myself still breaking out week after week. But, as it turns out, my skin was stressed.

I know that sounds outlandish… how can my skin even get that way?! However, I’m living proof that it’s true. Your skin’s barrier is affected by factors like the sun, your stress levels, and the cold weather.

It’s Stress Awareness Month, so we have to be cautious of how our stress levels are affecting every part of our lives…including our skin.

What Are The Signs of Stressed Out Skin?

@dr.farzan Having stress constantly causes levels of certain hormones (cortisol and androgens) to temporarily increase: this can: worsen your acne, incease your skin oiliness, cause clogged pores, cause loss of collagen and elastin and leads to premature wrinkling. #stress #texturedskin #acne #finelines ♬ sonido original - lyrsae

Stressed skin can take many forms: redness, dryness, inflammation, dullness, breakouts, and irritation when doing your skincare routine. Your skin barrier is extremely susceptible to damage, even though it’s capable of enduring lots of strain.

Redness can be a great indicator that your skin is experiencing some tension. If you’re prone to rosacea, your skin will flare up when it’s dehydrated or if you’re using ingredients that are too harsh for your skin type.

Breakouts are another telltale sign that your skin is suffering. Hormonal acne can have a myriad of causes, and will primarily appear on your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Cystic acne can be tough to clear up and easy to scar.

Dry skin is the worst. Your makeup doesn’t look the same, putting skincare products on can sting, and there’s constant flaking. With dryness and all that dead skin sitting on the surface, you need help…but some brightening products contain potentially harmful ingredients.

It can be difficult to figure out how you got here…but there’s a good explanation why your skin is so stressed.

How Does Skin Get Stressed Out?

Kalos SkincareKalos Skincare via Unsplash

A simple reason for a damaged skin barrier is forgetting the sunscreen and getting sunburnt. You know to forego your harsh skincare products like BHAs and AHAs, and give your skin a breather. You emphasize hydrating products and lightweight moisturizers to replenish your dry skin.

TikTok may also be a reason for your damaged skin barrier. Everyone wants glowing, radiant skin…even myself. But we’re so obsessed with exfoliating our dead skin cells there’s nothing left to exfoliate!

Over-scrubbing your skin with exfoliants can lead to the overproduction of oil…thus causing breakouts that are tough to beat. It’s an endless cycle.

And then there was the double cleansing trend…but people took it way too far. While an oil-based cleanser that removes makeup can be followed with a hydrating cleanser, some were using two clarifying cleansers back-to-back.

You can even stress your skin out by wearing too much makeup. In fact, it’s recommended that you go without foundation for six to eight hours a day so your skin can breathe.

And yes, even your personal mental stressors can cause breakouts. When someone’s stressed, their bodies release cortisol, which might trigger a breakout. Stress affects your hormone balance, and we know how hormone imbalances can cause hormonal acne.

Best Products For Stressed Skin

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If you’re ready to save your skin, there are plenty of skincare products that target damaged skin barriers and sensitivity. Here are some dermatologist-recommended products made to give your skin a break.

Tower 28 S.O.S Spray

Tower 28 S.O.S Serum

MZ Skin Calming Cleanser

MZ Skin Calming Serum

MZ Skin Calming Moisturizer

Paula’s Choice Calming Repair Serum

Dr. Jart Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment

Tatcha Water Cream

Youth To The People AirWhip Moisturizer

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