Everything You Need To Know About The New Eight Sleep Pod.

Science can help you finally answer the question: why can't I sleep through the night?

So many of us go through the motions of the day exhausted and lethargic, likely because we're not sleeping properly. We could blindly hope for more hours in a day to get extra Zzz's, or we could just make the smart decision and get a hi-tech mattress. Eight Sleep, the premiere smart mattress company, is revolutionizing the way people sleep by combining state of the art technology and comfort with The Pod. The science-backed brand is dedicated to engineering ways for you to wake up rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to improve your quality of life every single day. Here's what you need to know about Eight Sleep's innovative features and how they're changing the sleep game for good.

How does Eight Sleep's technology work?

Eight Sleep's Pod is everything you need for the best night's sleep. It includes built-in technology that syncs with your smart devices to help you get the most out of your sleeping hours. The mattress is both comfortable and functional — first, it's equipped with layer upon layer of reaction foams for the perfect mix of plush and firm; second, it allows you to track your REM sleep, alarms, temperature, and more. The Pod syncs to an app that lets you see all the information you could ever want on your phone, allowing you to track the most important function of your body every day.

What's Eight Sleep's newest feature, the Hub?

Eight Sleep's experts know that temperature is one of the most important aspects of sleeping healthily. Studies show that the temperature of the bed you sleep in is essential for sleeping comfortably. The company took this data and created the Hub — a water tank built into the Pod that controls the temperature down to the degree so you can reach the optimum cooling levels for a satisfying night's rest. The Hub activates dynamic cooling through the surface of the Pod and carries cool water through under the surface of the mattress for the full cooling experience. Temperature sensors continually work throughout the night to keep the temperature consistent and balance as you indicate on your phone app.

How can the pod help with sleep fitness?

The Pod is changing the way we renew our energy. For Eight Sleep, sleep isn't just about closing your eyes for a few hours; it's about advancing your health through sleep, better known as sleep fitness. The mattress works together with a cover equipped with sensors that leverage your sleeping patterns, allowing you to analyze and optimize your nights rest on Eight Sleep's app. Just like the FitBit changed the way people think about their daily activity, the Pod is changing the way people think about their sleep. Instead of asking "did I get my 10,000 steps in?" you'll be asking "did I optimize my sleep environment?" and "did I set my alarm to maximize my REM sleep?".

How can Eight Sleep's app help me feel better overall?

Whether you have back pain, trouble falling asleep, or sweat throughout the night, Eight Sleephelps you discover how to get the best sleep with their technology-driven mattress. Everything is controlled via the Wifi-enabled Pod and the app, which is both efficient and convenient. Think of the Pod as an addition to your nightly routines. Eight Sleep's technology can be connected to any other Wifi-enabled device, such as Alexa, Google Home, or a smart coffee machine. That means you can build "triggers" for your Pod that will direct it to perform certain functions, like "Start coffee when snoozing."

The Pod is dedicated to bettering our sleep using the most technologically-advanced systems. Plus, Eight Sleep offers a 100-day free trial that's crucial for testing it all out for yourself before committing. But after just one night on the Pod, you'll understand the difference Eight Sleep's technology can make, and want to keep pushing your sleep fitness to the highest level possible.

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