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10 Products To Keep In 2023 . . . And 10 To Leave Behind

2022 brought so many product recommendations my bank account wishes I hadn’t seen. My entire TikTok FYP is packed with makeup routines and the next hottest product. Everyone tells me I must have this product, so I tell my bank I must have that product.

I want to feel as confident as a supermodel even if I don’t have their throngs of makeup artists and hair stylists. If they’re plugging a product, I’m probably gonna try it. But, in the age of the everyday influencer, it’s getting harder to tell what’s a paid advertisement and what’s not.

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That’s right – some videos don’t reveal if it’s a paid promotion or if it’s really an ad. Brands are sending free products to TikTok’s finest in exchange for rave reviews – even if the product sucks.

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Take Bobbi Brown’s clean beauty line, Jones Road, for example. It was hyped up to be the “no-makeup makeup” holy grail until products started rolling out. The foundation ended up leaking oil and separating from the foundation which is a pretty bad sign even if it can be mixed. Several users reported that it separated even while on their faces. It was an overall disaster.

Since the year’s almost over, I’m rounding up all of the viral products I purchased and giving you the low down. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly. We are leaving no stone unturned.

Here are 10 things to keep this 2023, and 10 to leave in 2022:

The Viral Products That Work…

  1. Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant - This BHA/AHA treatment does literally everything. It clears stubborn blackheads and exfoliates all the dead skin cells that clog pores, crack makeup, and give you acne. It’s glass skin in a bottle and if I could take one thing to a deserted island it would be this.
  2. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Surface Patches - You know about pimple patches, but these surface patches cover way more ground so you can tackle problem areas, not just pimples. I wear these a few nights a week when breaking out and I’m clear by the weekend.
  3. La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm - If there’s anything I hate, it’s dry skin. I tried a retinol that caused my face to shed, and this miracle balm moisturizer healed my skin overnight while locking in my skincare perfectly.
  4. Makeup By Mario Skin Enhancer - I’m a Makeup by Mario stan. High quality products that don’t break the bank? Yes please. This is a bronzer used often on Kim K (and me). It blends easier than a normal contour while snatching my cheekbones.
  5. Oribe Supershine Cream - Oribe can be a bit pricey, but for 10 ounces of incredible product, this is a steal. My hair looks glossy and fresh out of the salon when I use this.
  6. Dior Backstage Foundation - It’s your skin, but better. Dior created a lightweight, glowy foundation that covers redness without caking. At $40, it’s high end without hurting the wallet.
  7. ONE/SIZE On Til Dawn Setting Spray - If you’re tired of your makeup sliding off by the end of the night, this setting spray will do the trick. It mattifies your makeup and makes it completely waterproof.
  8. Olaplex Set - I heavily damaged my hair when I bleached it, but consistent usage of the Olaplex line saved my life. It restores the protein in your dry, damaged hair to fully heal it to the cuticle. Keep up with the products and you’ll see results after a few months.
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Liner and Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury took off during the pandemic, but the Pillow Talk line will forever remain my fave. Charlotte herself always says the Pillow Talks are everyone’s perfect lip shade, and she’s not wrong.
  10. Rhode Lip Treatment - I didn’t want to love another celebrity product, but this one is worth all the money in my account. It hydrates your lips with peptides and cupuacu while also functioning as a gloss.

…And The Viral Products That Don’t

    1. Haus Labs - Every. single. review. told me that Lady Gaga’s brand would change the way I viewed makeup. So when I ordered the foundation and it dried out on my face and cracked immediately, I was heartbroken. When my roommate got the lip oil and was even underwhelmed, I knew that was enough to leave it.
    2. The Good Patch - Any wellness patch in general, really. The hangover cures never work, and I never feel any calmer when I wear the relaxation ones. It’s a placebo effect waiting in the impulse-buy section – avoid!
    3. Glamnetics Press On Nails - The at home manicure is trending, but these popped off after 12 hours of being on my nails. I don’t want to continuously glue my nails on, so these are a pass.
    4. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Magic Cream - I’ve already voiced my opinions on CT’s mini products being highway robbery. The mini Magic Cream is the size of my pinky, for far, far too much money.
    5. Self Tan Water - I’m sorry, but this is just not for me. I can’t see where the tanner is going on my body, so I end up half-tanned and look ridiculous. I’m sticking with a tinted tanner.
    6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze - The laminated brow trend is fun, but expensive eyebrow products just aren’t it. I’ve been disappointed by every eyebrow product over $12.
    7. Mario Badescu - I loved the Drying Lotion back in the day when I had a pimple, but it flakes off so quickly and just doesn’t do what a pimple patch can. Most of Mario Badescu’s products are underwhelming for me, so I’m leaving them behind.
    8. Expensive Mascaras - Much like eyebrow products, expensive mascaras have never been worth it to me. I’ll take L’Oreal Telescopic and Maybelline Sky High over a $30 tube.
    9. Benefit Benetint - Not nearly pigmented enough for my blush preferences. I understand wanting the natural look, but this won’t give me much of anything.
    10. Drunk Elephant - While I’m sure their products are great, at this price range there are more reputable skincare brands. I like to keep my skincare affordable, so this is staying in 2022.

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