This Is How You Get the Perfect Women's Health Supplement

There's an abundance of health supplements out there.

Vitamin D, collagen, peptides, mushrooms... supplements for the mind and body, for stress and anxiety, for the stomach and for the joints... You could really fall down a rabbit hole trying to find exactly the kind of supplement that works best for you.

Unfortunately, it's far too easy to wind up spending a ton of money on a huge variety of supplements that may or may not work for your needs. Fortunately, with Binto, you can receive a personalized kit containing a unique, hand-picked blend of supplements designed to fit your body's needs perfectly.

After all, your body isn't like anyone else's, so why should you take a generic supplement? With binto, not only do you get a curated blend of supplements and vitamins: you also get time to consult one-on-one with a team of licensed women's health providers. They'll help you design a blend of daily vitamins that will address all areas of your health, even the ones traditionally neglected by modern medicine.

Binto will help you build a supplement routine that directly addresses your unique period and gut-related needs (because as frequently as we do sync up, everyone has a different flow, literally and figuratively). They'll also help you out with your fertility, if that's your thing, and if you are pregnant, they'll be sure to design a package that helps both you and the bun in the oven.

They'll also work with you to come up with a postpartum formula, so they'll be there to guide you every step of the way. And when menopause rolls around, they'll help you work through that tricky period too with a series of curated hormone-balancing guides. They'll be there for you all the way through your evolution as a woman — from maiden to mother to crone — and everywhere in between.

Bintopromises to improve mood, balance hormones, reduce anxiety, and so much else. And you can rest assured their ingredients are carefully curated, and manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices Certified) labs on the West Coast of the United States.


Binto was created by Suzie Welsh, a fertility nurse who grew frustrated with the lack of care women were receiving related to women's health problems. Today, the company offers so much that the traditional healthcare system failed to provide for so long. In addition to offering customized nutrition and one-on-one support, it also offers fertility prep classes, postpartum game-planning courses, women's health classes, courses on how to feed your baby, and more. They also have tons of informational posts on period management, hormones, hospital prep, and all the other things that women have been expected to grin and bear for so long.

Women's health is still severely neglected around the world, with roughly 50% of nations across the globe lacking even an OBGYN. It's even worse for women of color, who often face lower quality care and who face disproportionately high health risks before, during, and after pregnancy. Many women in developing countries also face an extreme lack of healthcare, but even the United States face some dismal statistics related to its treatment of female health issues, ranking #11 out of 11 countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) examined for the state of women's health.

But many are speaking out and working to counteract this by valuing women's voices and treating "female issues" as the health issues they are.

Brands like Binto obviously won't solve the healthcare problem on their own, but at least they're addressing female needs in a more nuanced capacity than most brands that treat female issues and health problems like one-size-fits-all cases. Even better, for every subscription sold, they donate an equivalent amount (!) to The Maternity Care Coalition of Philadelphia and other maternal health nonprofits.

If you think about it, it's pretty wild that although women have consistently been menstruating and giving birth since literally the dawn of humanity, these things are still relatively taboo to talk about, and there aren't many health processes or systems of care in place related to them. Menstruation and pregnancy and women's bodies are the reason anyone exists at all, and though long ago some women used to meet in private circles to discuss menstruation (which they treated as sacred), today, things are pretty dismal.

The least we can do is take care of our bodies as they literally bleed and produce new humans. If you've got $35 per month to spare, Bintois a great choice to start doing just that.

Take Binto's quiz and get your personalized kit today!

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