Look Your Best In Photos with Crest Whitestrips

Post-grad has been even more of a whirlwind that I expected. Right after I graduated, I hopped on a plane to a new city to start a cool job and I barely felt like I touched the ground; right after my first week at work, I had to fly back home for my best friend's wedding. She kicks off my summer of weddings, which are taking a hit on my bank account, but I'm totally loving it.

It was the first wedding I was in, and it was totally picture-perfect. I had an amazing time, silly dancing to Ed Sheeran, but I was shocked when she got the pictures back; every time I smiled, my teeth looked yellow. Standing next to the bride, with her super white teeth, when she was wearing white, mine looked super yellow. I'd always thought about whitening my teeth, but was too scared to brave the pain. I figured Melissa had gone to the dentist, but I asked her anyway. Turns out, her dentist recommended Crest Whitestrips right before the wedding! Not only are they safe for enamel, she said they're way gentler than the ones she remembered from high school.

I needed to do my own research and their website is great for this. In addition to answering all your questions including the worrisome ones (safety, pain), they have tons of options. The whitening products range from speed to brightness, including one for sensitive teeth; it's the same no-slip formula that would apparently remove years of set-in stains, but formulated to be much gentler. My teeth have always been sensitive to extreme hot and cold, so it seemed like a perfect option.

When they arrived, I was ready to set aside 2 weeks in my calendar for no coffee, tea, or wine, but you're allowed to drink those while whitening! I had a wedding smack in the middle of my whitening routine, and I was happy I'd get to have a glass of red.

For my first strip, I hydrated intensely before I put them on; they said you're allowed to drink water while using them, but I didn't believe it. Turns out, it's true! The technology has come a long way, and they're super easy to use. I placed the strip on my teeth, formed it to the contours, and set the timer. It was almost like wearing contacts; I knew they were there, but I didn't feel them. I spent my 30 minutes doing the dishes and messaging the bridal group chat to find out if the cutest groomsman was single (he is!).

I did decide to stay away from super hot and cold items in the immediate hours after using them, to be kinder to my teeth. However, one day after using a strip, I met a potential client at a coffee shop, and the team brought iced coffees for me and my coworker. I thought one sip wouldn't hurt, and thankfully, I was right, it wasn't bad at all.

About halfway through my whitening experiment, at my other friend's wedding, when I was passionately discussing the Game of Thrones finale, a friend interrupted to tell me something looked different about me. She clarified good-different, and I mentioned I was whitening my teeth. She didn't even know they could look that amazing without a trip to the dentist.

Crest's Whitestrips are not only super affordable and safe for your teeth, but they really work. After my 14 days, I had a friend at another wedding take a photo of me smiling for my new social media pic, and I swear I'm getting more right swipes. Crest totally transformed my smile, and gave me a fun boost of confidence during a wild time in my life.

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