The Best At-Home Wine Tasting Experience

With a personal concierge to boot

A few years ago, I needed a fun hobby to occupy my extra time. I happened to be spending a lot of time at bars and vineyards with friends, soooo… I started taking some courses on wine tasting, techniques, and the making of wine!

My friends supported me in my wine journey, so when they excitedly asked me to pick a wine at our next gathering, I panicked and froze.

I hate to admit it, but I'd spent so much time learning about the chemical processes that make wine taste great, I hadn't really focused on what wines I actually like.

One of my friends asked how often I try new wines and I told her not enough, so she suggested I try a wine club. I only wanted something that would really help me figure out what wines I liked and which ones my friends would like, and that's how I found Tasting Room Experience (TREX).

Tasting Room is one of the premiere wine clubs, unique for its introductory kit. When you sign up, you first get a kit with 6 mini-bottles that you rate online which determine the types of full-size bottles they send you. Then, you keep rating as you go.

It was a cool service on its own, but then I discovered TREX. With TREX, their new premier add on to the subscription service, you get a personal concierge. One wine expert assigned to your account to help you pick out bottles of wine. Not only would you learn your own taste buds, but they could anticipate what you might want for any occasion!

This was just what I needed - someone who also knew about good wine, but could help me figure out which wines were right for me (and my friends and holidays and certain meals….).

When I went to sign up, I got the full rundown on all the different TREX perks.

  • First 500 members get every 4th wine club shipment free! [$150 value annually]
  • Free shipping on all shipments [$150 value annually]
  • Access to a personal wine concierge to curate your bespoke wine profile, handpick your monthly wine club shipments, and give wine recommendations for dinner parties, gifts, etc. [$150 value]
  • Discounts from Tasting Rooms exclusive partners and world-class wine offers [up to 50% off!]
  • Invitation-only exclusive events, like online quarterly wine tastings! [$100 value quarterly]
  • *LIMITED TIME ONLY* - 2 free Fortessa Sensa wine glasses, the stemware of choice for Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, delivered straight to your door [$40 value]

To sign up for a TREX membership for the year, it only cost $58.95, which included a wine tasting kit! For such an incredible value, I signed up. With the membership, for $75 each month, I receive 6 full size bottles of wine delivered directly to my door. I love it! It was also nice to finally have legitimate wine glasses! I was still using tiny ones from a local place.

When my first shipment arrived, I loved all the packaging with descriptions of every wine on the Tasting Room website.

I immediately took advantage of my personal concierge. It was so fun! For a dinner with a friend, and some bolognese, I was recommended a Sangiovese. Yes, obviously, I knew to go with red, but the specific Italian bottle made much more sense, and really completed a lovely meal.

I really like having my wines picked out for me and so far, I haven't had anything I didn't like. I've even discovered a few different favorite grapes and regions I hadn't come across in my certification course.

Enjoying wine from two such different perspectives has really changed the way I drink! I understand why some wines taste amazing...and which ones taste most amazing to me! The food pairing is a huge asset, too. TREX & my personal concierge have given me the confidence to really step into the role of wine expert.

Limited Offer: Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit & TREX upgrade for only $58.95 (over $600 in savings!)

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