I Tried Biocol Labs Natural Solutions: Here’s What Happened

3 A.M. and here I was, wide awake, sneaking in news updates. My husband's been doing just fine - he could sleep through a tsunami. Drew's a chef and spends these days testing the most delicious new recipes for when his restaurant opens again.

I have to admit, these late-night sessions leave me feeling exhausted and deeply drained. I actually nod off while homeschooling our son Ben!

I really need to catch some zzz's so I can keep our family calm and healthy, but I hate sleeping pills, even aspirins. I worry about becoming dependent.

When my friend called for our daily check-in, I mentioned my problem and she told me about Biocol Labs- one of Europe's leading herbal manufacturers and laboratories of natural remedies thats now available in the US. She's been taking "Something® for Immunity" for a while to boost her health. She also absolutely swears by "Something® for Cactus Throat" spray to get her through flu season.

Cactus Throat? I said. Yeah, she said, I get a raw, dry throat with my colds - 5 spritzes up to 8 times a day does the trick.

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After we hung up, I immediately looked up Biocol Labs. It's a family-owned company that's been around for 42 years and believes that nature has the answer. So they provide "natural answers in an unnatural time" - just what I need for my family's wellness.

They make doctor-approved drug-free, natural remedies. Their all-natural products are GMO-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free and help with everything from immunity, to sleep problems, to liver detox. What I immidiately liked is that it is not just a supplement you take for overall wellness. Each product is tailored to a specific aliment, and designed to fix the problem.

I added the Something® for Dreaming sleep spray to my cart. It contains melatonin, passion flower, and lemongrass to help me relax physically and mentally. So easy to use, 2 quick sprays before bedtime and I should fall asleep in 20 minutes. I love that the goal is that I'll sleep soundly enough to dream. And if I need to chill at any time during the day, one pump will calm me down.

I also added Something® for Immunity to my order. It features 7 pretty glass ampules that contain a mix of shiitake, echinacea, and copper, which contribute to balancing the immune system. Simply drink one ampoule in the morning after breakfast on its own, or diluted in water or juice. There's a 7-day version and a 21-day version. They also have products for detoxing, tiredness and digestion.

I figured I'd start with a one time purchase and order more if it worked for me. Biocol Labs offers 15% off your first order- I couldn't wait to try it.

Such reasonable prices! Something® for Dreaming is only $22.90 - that's less than $1 a night. And a week's supply of Something® for Immunity costs $19.90 - far cheaper than my coffee addiction. They also have a great subscription option that saves you 20% on each order, and you can specify a delivering schedule that works for you. You can tweak, pause or cancel at any time, plus, there's free shipping on orders over $45.

When I opened my box from Biocol Labs I couldn't believe how sleek the packaging is, just lovely. That night I spritzed the sleep spray twice and was off to dreamland before I knew it. Best of all, I slept better for the first time in weeks.

The next morning, I started my immunity regimen and headed into my day - WFH while managing Ben's science project. I didn't expect Biocol Labs to take effect so quickly. Andrew and Ben have both noticed how much livelier and engaged I am lately. I've got my mojo back.

Biocol Labs is a great way to naturally help us to live healthier lives during these challenging times. What's more important than improving my health, my family's health, and our peace of mind?


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