Birth Control Delivered Right To Your Door

I've never been the most on-top of it when it comes to my birth control. When I first got birth control, I kept forgetting to take it, then I'd forget to pick up my prescription. Even when I finally hit my groove and started to take it daily, I ended up moving and my doctor wouldn't refill my prescription without seeing me in person.

I wasn't going to drive three states away, especially when doctor appointments are so hard to fit into my schedule, to begin with. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended Nurx - a new online platform to get your birth control delivered directly to you. I had an amazing experience with Nurx. Here's why:

1. No more doctor's office

It's a struggle for me to schedule an appointment with my doctor, let alone get out the door to see them. With Nurx I was able to speak with a medical provider, within 48 hours of filling out my information. To start, all I had to do was fill out my medical history and let them know what kind of birth control I wanted.

I loved speaking with a provider from my couch and not disrupting all my plans for the day. We discussed different options for birth control. It was great getting to ask a professional about the differences and ultimately choosing what was right for me. They have the pill, patch, shot, and ring - so, if I ever do decide to switch I can still use Nurx.

I decided to stick with the pill and Nurx offers more than 100 generic and name brand options, and I was able to have them prescribe the one I like.

2. Birth control delivered to your door

If there's one thing I hate more than going to the doctor, it's getting stuck in line at the pharmacy. I get so frustrated waiting that sometimes I would leave and decide to come back later (...though I usually forgot to).

Now, Nurx sends my prescription to me so all I need to do is check the mail. Once, my prescription was approved it shipped for free! And, my birth control came in discreet packaging so I didn't feel like my business was being made public - I'm a big fan of privacy.

They also deliver the shot, patch, and ring so if you're not on the pill, Nurx still works for you. Overall, the time saved from delivery is priceless and now I have no excuse to get lazy with refilling my birth control ever again.

3. It's affordable and there's more than birth control

Nurx takes most private health insurance and I was so relieved when I found out I was covered. With insurance, the cost of Nurx starts as low as $0, and without it as low as $15. I only had to pay a small fee for the initial consultation and considering the time and energy I saved using Nurx, it was totally worth it.

A bonus was finding out that Nurx does more than just birth control. They also offer migraine treatment, and STI & HPV home testing kits. I like knowing that I can go to Nurx for more of my health needs and after usin

g them for birth control I definitely plan on utilizing their other services.

These are my top three reasons why I love using Nurx but I could go on all day. Nurx is the best way to get birth control and now I look forward to my prescription arriving every 3 months. You won't catch me in the pharmacy line anytime soon thanks to Nurx.

Update: Pay just $15 for your online medical consultation and get unlimited access to providers for a year for follow-up questions and advice. Follow this link to get started with a quick consultation.

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