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A couple of months ago, our new downstairs neighbors invited my husband and I over for a glass of wine. We hadn't had much interaction except for a few polite "hellos" in the elevator, so I was looking forward to getting to know them better.

As I sat on their couch, I was immediately impressed with what they had done with the space. "We just finished our new bathroom" said Millie, pouring me another glass of Bordeaux. I've wanted to change ours since we moved in 7 years ago, but the thoughts of coordinating it all put me off.

I had a look, and it was beautiful. Modern, clean, bright, just what I want ours to be. I complimented Millie on the renovation, while politely trying to fish for how much it had cost, and how long it took. "It took less time and money than I thought it would". Oh? "Yeah, we used this service called Block Renovation"

Now that summer's here I'm still envious of Millie's gorgeous bathroom. It was finally time to make our move and tackle our own renovation. I'd saved Block Renovation in the back of my mind for months. After seeing their work in person, I had a feeling this was the way to go.

Of course, we had to check out their site first. My husband and I read that their service includes working with a designer who will create 3D-renderings of our new bathroom, so we could see the finished result before making a decision. They offer a free estimate, so we filled out their brief questionnaire (co-op or condo, pre-or post-war apt., square footage, etc). The thoughts of trying to coordinate contractors with deliveries of fixtures and trying to keep it all within a certain budget made my head hurt. There's no way we can do this ourselves, so any service that can make the whole thing a little easier sounded amazing. But I bet it would cost an arm and a leg.

We continued through the process, waiting to be hit with an extortionate price. Within seconds we had a free estimate that provided a price range for the renovation. We sent over some phone pictures of the room and 15 minutes later, we spoke with a Project Planner who listened to our situation and asked some questions to get an estimate. I still wasn't so sure Block Renovation was the way to go, but the numbers made sense so far, so we continued on.

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Next, Block conducted a site survey. The Project Planner came to our home, and took measurements and pictures to develop a game plan. Then they delivered an all-inclusive proposal. This was super eye opening. What we didn't realize was all of the work that goes into a renovation prior to any demolition. Co-op boards are not easy to work with, but Block was able to prepare us for this daunting task by informing us of what needed to be taken care of.

With such a seemingly straightforward, transparent process, and clear pricing upfront - we took the plunge.

The process kicked off with the "pre-construction phase." Though this was a little procedural and mundane, the "design" phase anything but! With plenty of tile and fixture options to choose from, a professional designer/architect helped guide us on our choices. They even delivered two different 3D-renderings of our space for us to choose from- so fun!. The pre-construction phase - which includes board approval and permits - took less time than if we had tried to figure it out ourselves. And the construction phase could take a month or so. Super-fast compared to Millie's experience!

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Once we gave a final sign off on which design we preferred, materials were ordered on our behalf and arrived precisely on time for our break ground date. With that, we were ready to begin.

They assured us that our Certified Contractor would follow a set of proprietary Block construction standards to ensure a high-quality renovation that includes protection, demolition, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and the full installation of all fixtures & finishes. The workers were extremely neat and respectful, and the work was complete before we knew it.

We said goodbye to the friendly workers, and feast our eyes on our new bathroom for the first time. Block's exceptional design decisions actually expanded the room. Such light, such space - timeless simplicity in the heart of our home.

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