This Mom Gives Brandless.com A 5-Star Review

It's THE place for home items.

As a mother of a 2 and 6-year-old, I'm literally on the go from first thing in the morning to the second Zoe and Ben fall asleep. Since little Zoe has arrived, one thing I literally don't have time for is running errands.

Particularly when it comes to luxuries, like shopping, but it feels like every week there's something new that needs replacing in the house.

Especially the kitchen – we hadn't gotten new utensils since before the kids were born, so it's fair to say they're worn out. The handle on the spatula broke off months ago, and a few of our pots and pans are missing lids.

I even had to borrow a neighbor's cake pan recently for Ben's 6th birthday. I explained to her how I never get time to shop for these things anymore. That's when she told me about Brandless – an online retailer where she gets all her cookware, plus other stuff too.

It sounded good, and I have to say, her cake pan was great. But I'd never bought those types of things online before, so I wasn't fully convinced.

I checked out the website, and the first thing that struck me was the variety of products they have – and how affordable it was! When I saw that Kate's cake pan was only $9, I couldn't believe it. It's such good quality. Plus, I was happy to see they're made in the US, too. I'm a sucker for free shipping, so once I saw that Brandless offers it on orders over $48, I was excited to keep shopping.

Then, when I saw that they had a Professional Baker's Bundles for $54, which had 6 items, including the cake pan, I knew I had to buy it. Ben loves to bake with me, and he'd be so excited!

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I explored the website to find even more things I needed. They have fluoride-free toothpaste - for only $5! I searched everywhere for it when Ben was a baby, and the Brandless one was more affordable than the one I found before.

They have a whole baby section with great stuff, including cute Diapers for just $11, plus 6 packs of Plant-Based Baby Wipes ( 504 individual wipes) for $18.

That's much better value than the wipes I buy in the store for Zoe, plus these are plant-based, drying alcohol & ethanol-free, and cruelty-free.

I saw that they even had durable luggage for $180. I was planning on buying an Away case, but these were more affordable, but still had features like the lightweight 100% Polycarbonate Shell and the combination lock. Plus, the interior lining is made from recycled PET plastic. I will definitely be buying one before our next family trip.

I continued to browse and added the Avocado Basil Hand Cream, Tree Free Facial Tissues, Matcha Green Tea Powder, the Acacia Wood Prep & Serve Board, and 2 Reusable Tote Bags to my cart.

I couldn't believe it when I saw that all 8 items - toothpaste, diapers, 6 pack of baby wipes, hand cream, tissues, green tea powder, the Acacia prep & serve board, and the 2 tote bags - plus the Baker's Bundle with 6 items in it, came to only $115! Even less once I added the coupon code to get 20% off my first order. The whole order came to just $92.

For this value, I confirmed the order and waited eagerly for it to arrive. I knew their cake pan was good, but since everything was so affordable, I was apprehensive about the quality.

The night it arrived, Ben and I put the Muffin Pan to the test that night and made some chocolate cupcakes, and they came out perfectly! Much better than my old, rusty pan we'd been using for years.

Throughout the next week, I tried all the products and was really impressed - everything was great quality.

The Acacia Wood Prep & Serve Board is so nice; my husband didn't believe it was only $9! I plan to go back and purchase more of their Acacia Wood products to match - they have cheese knives, spoons, a nice utensil holder, plus more.

The Tote Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic, and have seriously come in handy too - I can pack all of Zoe's baby stuff in one when I take the kids out, and keep the other for anything I may need to pick up throughout the day.

Although, now that I've discovered Brandless, I'll be doing a lot less running around the stores. It's a one-stop shop for so many of my needs.

The thing I like most about Brandless isn't just how affordable it is, or even the convenience, but how they really strive to make products that are good for you. Brandless really does bring you big brand quality at affordable prices.

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