I Tried Bright Cellars Wine Club, Here's What Happened

Spending all day in the digital world - working from home, then Zooming or Skyping with friends and my family - I yearned to do something tangible, something real. So I used the quarantine to expand my culinary skills, and now I'm cookin' like a pro. Scallion pancakes, ragu, roast chicken with figs....

I was considering taking on wine to go with the deliciousness, but I was truly intimidated. What did I know from wines? If a bottle cost between $15 - $25 and had a pretty label, it was good enough for me. Besides, during the remote life, it wasn't worth the stress of waiting on the line to get into the neighborhood liquor store only to find surge pricing on mediocre wines.

Later that day I noticed a really cool box of wine from Bright Cellarsin the lobby of my building. It was for Maria, the woman with the Dachshund in 10C. Just then, Vinnie - her Dachshund - came bounding up. I asked Maria how she liked Bright Cellars.

She told me they're brilliant - all the wine they send is perfectly tailored to her taste. Plus, they send an info card with each bottle, so she's sharpening her knowledge and her palate. "You should give them a try."

I was skeptical. But determined to master this wine thing. So I pulled them up on my phone. Bright Cellars is a subscription wine club and it's inspiring a new generation of wine lovers with their transformative wine experience.

Each month I'd receive the top 4 wines chosen specifically for me. In fact, they'll match me with wines that I'm sure to love. How will they know what I like if I don't even know myself? I was afraid they'd send me whatever was left in the bin.

But Bright Cellars' wines are rigorously curated - only 1 in 12 wines they taste make it into their monthly collections. And they offer hidden gems from small vineyards all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America, even South Africa.

Sounded good, so I took the Bright Cellars' lightning-quick taste quiz. I answered 7 questions about the type of sweets I prefer, how I take my tea, even how adventurous I am. And within 20 seconds I was matched with 4 gorgeous bottles of wine!

Come on - how could they figure that out so quickly? I was dubious. Turns out the co-founders - 2 MIT grads - came up with an algorithm that scores each wine by comparing my preferences with 18 attributes, creating my own unique taste profile.

My matches were a Barbara, a Syrah, a Red Blend, and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Okay, so they're got my taste profile covered. How expensive was this gonna be?

Normally, Bright Cellars will ship 4 bottles of excellent wines right to my door for only $88 plus shipping a month. But as a 1st time customer, I could try all this wine for an introductory price of $38.

What if I get stuck with a wine I dislike? Can't happen, because Bright Cellars has a Delight Guarantee. If I don't absolutely love a bottle, I simply contact one of their Wine Concierges for help in selecting a replacement bottle with next month's shipment.

Subscription services in the past have made me jump through hoops just to change or cancel my membership. But with Bright Cellars' relaxed subscription policy, I can skip a month or cancel altogether at any time. No hassle - I simply let my friendly Wine Concierge know.

I took the plunge.

When my pretty Bright Cellars box arrived, I was blown away by the stunning presentation of the bottles, carefully wrapped in teal tissue. And the wine? Divine!

Each month, I read the info cards, I sip and compare and pair with the dinners I've cooked - fine-tuning my taste profile. I make sure to open a bottle of wine with my latest culinary delight. Thanks to Bright Cellars, I know it will match the food and my palate.

GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems

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