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Candles Make Everything Better

I've been into smells lately. Good smells, specifically — the sort that replace unpleasant danknesses with images of far-off landscapes and luxurious gardens.

I've also been into good lighting lately. Dim lighting, specifically — the sort that casts a pale yellow glow on the walls and that makes everything feel romantic and soft.

What smells great and also casts a delicate, romantic glow onto the walls? After years of searching, I finally think I've found a perfect candle that does just that, and it's from Brooklyn Candle Studio .

Personally, a great candle can change the trajectory of my whole evening. It adds a touch of elegance and relaxation to any space, and it soothes any rough edges of a room that are brought into harsh relief by bright lights. Whether it's placed on the window, on the edges of a bathtub, or outside in a garden, a candle adds a hint of magic and mystery to any space.

Not every candle is perfect, though. You can tell when a candle was mass-produced and filled with fake-looking, synthetic smells.

Brooklyn Candle Studio is different. They make their candles in their very own Industry City workshop in Brooklyn Sunset Park, so each one has a special homemade touch. Their candles are designed to be full-on sensory experiences that deliver you to various far-off lands and that evoke specific memories, tastes, and sensations. For example, the Fern + Moss Minimalist Candle evokes walks through nature after the rain, and the Roses + Cashmere scented candle will certainly transport you English tea rooms strewn with roses and mahogany.

Brooklyn Candle

All of their scents are designed to carry you off to soothing landscapes and beautiful places, turning any evening into a vacation. They have a whole collection of candles designed to bring you to specific exotic locations, such as the Santorini Escapist Candle , which will take you to the famously romantic Greek island for a night with its notes of fig trees and ocean breezes; the Santa Fe Escapist Candle , which brings you to a starry night in the desert, surrounded by ocotillo and cacti; and the Maui Escapist Candle , which will bring you to the beautiful beaches of tropical paradise.

Even better, all of Brooklyn Candle's products are sustainably made with soy wax, produced from American-grown non-toxic soybeans. They also use all-natural ingredients and phthalate-free fragrance oils, and all their tins are made from recyclable glass, tin, and ceramics. So you can feel good about the candle you're burning, which is made with your own mental and physical health in mind.

When I light my candles, I'm cueing my mind and body to relax, to let go of the bright chaos of the outside world and to just chill and go with the flow for a moment. There's nothing like a truly great candle, and Brooklyn Candle always delivers.

If you're as big of a fan of Brooklyn Candle as I am, you might enjoy subscribing to their Candle of the Month club, which allows you to receive a new candle (AKA a new transportive experience of your very own) very night. You could even become a member of their Lit Society, which allows you to earn points and receive rewards.

Most importantly, you can take their What's Your Scent Persona? quiz to find out exactly what scent is best for you. Will it be an orange-blossomed infused Seville-inspired candle? A journey to Maui? A candle that smells like the essence of Sunday morning, all citrus fruits and fresh flowers? That's up to you — personally, as a lover of the ocean, I'm partial to those Maui beaches — but regardless, all personalities can benefit from an evening illuminated by an exquisite candle, and Brooklyn Candle is truly the perfect choice.

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