A Busy Mom's Honest Review Of Ebates

There's truth to the cliche -- a mom's job is never done. Our minds never stop moving because we're always doing something for someone else. It's a hard job, because there's so much going on and you're always forgetting something, making you feel a little behind. It's that feeling you get where you didn't realize you were out of leave-in conditioner until your daughter came home with gum in her hair, and now you're squeezing every. last. drop. to try to fix the problem. Or soccer practice starts next week and last year's cleats are 1.5 sizes too small. Thank god for the internet. The busy mom survives with Amazon Prime or finding the sold-out Halloween costume on Target's website.

Well moms -- you're in for a treat! Ebates can help you save even more money with less time! Smarter moms don't cut coupons anymore -- they've discovered how to get real cash back rewards while doing all their normal shopping online with the browser attachment that hacks the best coupon and promo deals without you having to lift a finger. No need to break your routine. It's a multitasking mom's dream.

So, here's the gist: stores pay Ebates to do their thing, and then when you shop, Ebates will automatically apply store coupons or promotions at check out and add funds to your Ebates account so you can get real cash back in the mail (more on that below). Basically, they're giving the shoppers a piece of their commission. At first, I was worried that I would have to do something extra to access the deals—but no, once you download Ebates to your web browser, it automatically applies the best special promotions while you shop. I obviously use Ebates already.

I do most of my shopping at Macy's, Target, Walmart, and Old Navy, all stores that I was happy to see Ebates works with. Since it was right before the holidays, I knew I needed to get some new winter clothes and boots, a healthy amount of tissues (colds are unavoidable!), and I was due for a re-up on everyday vitamins and probiotics. The coolest part about trying out Ebates was that I didn't need to do anything differently. I simply did my shopping online as usual, and Ebates got me some incredible savings. After a month, I noticed that not only was I getting deals and points on my credit card, but my cash-back rewards were starting to add up. Ebates notifies you every time you're shopping on a site that offers rewards, and will put cash back into your PayPal account, or send you a check in the mail. I got my first check just in time for my 10-year-old's birthday! It made party expenses a whole lot lighter.

Ebates is awesome for big purchases—like our family vacation to Disney World—but it's equally as rewarding for small, everyday buys. They really add up! I can pull in as much as $10 in cash-back for just one purchase on Amazon, and even more at higher-end retailers like Sephora. The best part is that there is absolutely no downside to downloading Ebates—it's fast, it's free, and it literally puts money in your bank account without taking a moment out of your busy day. I knew that being a mom meant being a multitasker, but thanks to Ebates I feel like a superhero!

I strongly recommend you give it a try because you can make a bundle just by shopping for everyday items with Ebates. It's free to join, and Ebates will give you a $10 welcome bonus here for a limited-time!

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