We Found The Best Website For Buying Essentials Online This Summer: Boxed.com

When my husband and I were finally financially stable enough to move into a home for our kids, I was most excited about throwing parties. Birthdays, Graduations, Fourth of July… anything where there's a paper plate theme for it, I wanted to do it at our place. I grew up at "the party house" and I wanted to do the same for my kids. Of course, I had underestimated the sheer amount of planning that goes into anything more than a wine-and-movies shindig.

For our housewarming, I forgot napkins. ROOKIE mistake. I now keep a list of everything I need, but after every party, it just gets longer. The week before any Saturday event means at least 2 shopping trips to Costco, as well as a trip to the grocery store. When I mentioned the agony of shopping to my daughter's pre-k bestie's mom, she recommended Boxed.com. It's an online retailer that offers bulk items and shelf-stable foods. If I could do all my party shopping online, this would take a huge load off.

There's no membership fee, and you get 15% off your first order, which is an amazing perk. They also have frequent sales and free shipping. I kept looking for a drawback, but I couldn't find one!

Boxed offered everything I was going to need; beverages, snack packs, condiments (never again would I remember the hot dog buns, but forget the mustard), garbage bags, utensils, water balloons, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. All the familiar brand names are there, like Tide, Heinz, Dixie, and Glad, but there were also plenty of other brands I'd never heard of; I loaded up on affordable organic fruit-based gummy bears, that my kids would devour without even knowing they were healthy versions.

It was also much easier for me to browse categories to check if I missed anything, instead of lapping a store. I filled my cart, and even found discounted natural Polar seltzer with unicorns on the package and a $9 pool float in the shape of a rainbow! With such great prices, it was easy to add a few fun extras to surprise my daughter.

When I went to check out, I was offered to add free samples to my cart! It's hard to splurge on myself sometimes, so a free dry shampoo was definitely going in my bag.

My order arrived in the 1-3 day time window, and just like that, I'd brought my shopping trips down from 3 to 1. I'm set for not just the summer, but the year. Since I'd planned ahead, I was able to sleep in a little later for my other daughter's second birthday party, and still have everything set up on time.

I'm so happy I found Boxed.com. It's like my little party secret, but I tell everyone about how convenient and affordable it is. No more giant shopping trips! With discounted bulk items, no yearly fees, free shipping, and free samples with every order, it beats BJ's in every way.

Follow this link to save time and money this summer with Boxed! Use code "LOVEBULK" at checkout for 15% off!

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