I Never Thought CBD Would Work For Me Until I Tried Caliper

CBD seemed like a hoax to me. I kept seeing new articles touting its miracle properties, but couldn't be bothered figuring out if any of the brands were legitimate.

So when I was at my sister's and saw a strange package that said Flavored CBD Powder, my first thought was " not you, too!" I couldn't believe she'd fallen for all the claims.

She told me that before this one, she'd tried two other brands that hadn't done much for her, but this product, Caliper Swiftsticks, was incredible and really fun to take.

I just stared at her, for calling it "fun." She suggested that I try it; it's a dissolvable powder that goes straight on your tongue — this one was Cool Mint flavored. It sounded like such a scam! She said this CBD powder actually gets absorbed 4.5x more effectively than oil, which is what I was most familiar with.

She insisted I grab a serving, so I did, but I forgot about it until the next day, when I was inundated with Zoom calls for work and fresh disasters. I couldn't get anything done, I was juggling too many tasks.

What I needed was a little calm and focus. And after two cups of coffee, I wondered if I should try the Caliper CBD for its calming benefits. I absolutely 100% did not want to feel out of it, so I double-checked their site, and discovered their products contain zero THC! That's the element responsible for the "out of it" feelings, so there was no chance that would happen.

Caliper CBD Swiftsticks
High-Quality CBD
Absorbs 4.5x Better Than Oil

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Since there was no harm, I opened up the packet. I braced myself for a disgusting taste, but the mint flavor was more gentle than I expected and surprisingly pleasant.

I drank some water, and went back to sorting my inbox. Within about fifteen minutes, I noticed the wave of calm I'd been wishing for. It crept in, and then I felt more equipped to handle everything.

The little voice screaming at me to get everything done as quickly as possible quieted down. My only problem was I had to admit to my sister that I was wrong.

We talked on the phone for a bit, and she told me that as a Caliper member she saves 10% on every order and gets free shipping. I could do one-time purchases or subscribe to check relief off my to-do list.

I decided to stick with the 60-pack of Minty Swiftsticks, since I know they work, but there are 30-packs, as well as Lemon Lime and Mixed Berry flavors.

Caliper also offers an unflavored CBD powder that dissolves in water. All their products contain U.S.- grown hemp that's evaluated by a third party for purity and safety.

After doing some research, I could tell that Caliper legitimately puts care into their products, so they can offer the most efficient CBD possible. There are so many companies who have fun labels, but don't deliver. I'm happy to have found one of the exceptions.

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