I Tried PXG Apparel – Here’s How It Helps My Game

I spent a week testing out PXG's women's apparel line—here's my honest review of whether these threads will put you under par or straight into the nearest bunker.

Some of my best childhood memories were when my dad used to take me to his golf club. I learned to love golf there, and have been wishing I could get back into it despite my job getting in the way. After dedicating most of my time to my family and career, I have finally found some free time on the weekends, and I decided it was time to join my friend Callie’s golf club.

I can clearly remember the women at my dad’s club looking very high-class in their golf gear. This encouraged me to find clothing that not only makes me look great but feel incredible and helps me bring my top game to the course.

One problem though - most of the name brand golf stuff I was looking for was either sold out or way too cheap looking. Callie came to the rescue though, suggesting PXG, a growing brand on and off the golf course - it has fresh design, top-notch quality, tech, and availability.

Yeah, I knew PXG’s a big deal for golf equipment, but check this out: they do clothing too! I can’t believe I have been so out of the loop. So after consulting with Callie more, I explored PXG’s lineup and discovered that their athleisure range had this cool, edgy style that sets it apart from their competitors.

I ordered some of their most popular styles from their new arrivals. Being totally honest, I was curious if their quality, performance, fit, and functionality could live up to Callie’s rave review.

Here’s the story on how my first month with PXG apparel played out:

Week 1: The Start of a Journey

So, here I am, a total newbie at the golf club, decked out in the Hope Blue RP Signature Polo ($110) with my Varsity V-Neck Cardigan ($185) layered on and black High-Low Ankle Golf Pant ($195). Surprisingly, I felt like I belonged. A seasoned golfer even gave a thumbs up to my unique polo color!

During practice I noticed the Cardigan's soft and stretchy wool-knit blend and the pants' breathability, allowing me to focus on my form with no distractions – just me and my swings. These pants have fabulous four-way stretch, adjustable snap waist straps for comfort – and an attached small pouch adds versatility. The Cardigan's extra layer is perfect on these cool fall days!

During the week, I wore the RP Polo while out and about too. Its versatile style easily complements my casual outfits and the moisture-wicking fabric keeps me fresh on busy days.

Week 2: Classy Meets Comfy

Time for my second round of golf. Strolling onto the green, I felt effortlessly sophisticated wearing the Belted Mock Neck Knit ($135) top in black, paired with the Pleated Side Stripe Jogger ($175) in light grey.

My Belted Mock Neck Knit exudes elegance with its elbow-length sleeves and flattering peplum detail. The stretchy wool-knit blend lets me swing like a pro – high-performance and stylish! And the Side Stripe Jogger’s smooth material kept me confident throughout. I got chatting with a golfer who adored my outfit because while it embraces golf’s classic fashion PXG Apparel has a trendy feel.

During off-golf hours, I wore the Belted Mock Neck Knit while relaxing at home. Its softness and style makes it my go-to choice for cozy evenings.

Week 3: Embracing the Challenge

Although this week we only had time to play nine, the Long Sleeve Contour Mock Neck ($145) top became my MVP. The textured performance fabric provides a secure fit and the contrasting accents add a modern flare. It looks super cool with the Ruffle Jersey Skirt ($165) – the asymmetrical hem and ruffle combined with the built-in shorts and flexible fabric gives the best blend of fashion and function. If I get chilly I throw on the Full-Zip Stripe Puffer Jacket ($350) , which looks so classy with this skirt.

Off the course, the Long Sleeve Contour Mock Neck proves versatile for my active lifestyle. I wear it on my brisk morning walks, providing me with both warmth and style.

Week 4: Mastering the Green

For my final round of the month, I donned the High-Low Ankle Golf Pant again with the Broken Stripe 1/4 Zip Knit Top ($185) . The flexible 1/4 zip top is a combination of elegance and performance, enhancing my game with its ultra-soft, four-way stretch fabric. I felt a whole new level of confidence in this outfit, I’m perfecting all my swings!

I wore the High-Low Ankle Golf Pant to the grocery store and the Full-Zip Stripe Puffer Jacket ($350) on a coffee run. Let's be honest, looking stylish while getting things done is a win-win!

Final Thoughts

Overall, my first month at Callie’s club surpassed my expectations…big time. Actually, it’s not just Callie’s club, but my golf club too. I truly believe that sense of belonging can be attributed to PXG. From taking my first swing to reaching the green, I am beyond comfy and incredibly confident in my PXG Apparel. Plus, the comfort goes even farther - these pieces are so dynamic and sleek, I wear them on and off the course!

PXG clothing focuses on performance. Their smart fabrics keep you dry, let you breathe, and stretch in all the places that matter, so I am always ready for everything that comes my way. PXG combines modern style, revolutionary tech, and the highest quality material (from cashmere to vegan leather). It really ticks every box. With PXG Apparel, I can stay fresh and play my best!