Change Your Dad's World With Audien's Fantastic Father's Day Offer

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Statistics tell us that hearing loss affects one out of three people over 65.

Your dad might be one of them.

And – if he’s anything like others with hearing issues – he doesn’t want to deal with it. Embarrassment, discomfort, doctor’s appointments, and of course how expensive it is, all play a part in his refusal to use or even think about using a hearing aid.

Audien, the leader in contemporary hearing aid technology and design, is revolutionizing the field and, in the process, improving the quality of everyday life for those experiencing hearing loss.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Audien’s offering a fantastic deal that’s too good to pass up. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Audien?

Audien Hearing provides affordable and accessible, prescription-free hearing aid solutions for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, designed for long-term use.

As your dad or grandfather grows older, keep them engaged with the world. Whether he’s joking and laughing during a family celebration, or chatting one-on-one with an old friend, a hearing aid can bring the confidence and joy that comes from being fully connected to his world.

What’s the Offer?

Audien is showing appreciation for fathers in time for Father's Day with a $50 Off Father's Day Offer!

Why Audien?

  • Affordability - The Atom 2 ($189) and the Atom Pro 2 ($289) provide a great solution at a fraction of the price you’d pay for traditional hearing aids.
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality - Audien’s A2 chip cancels background noise and has four versatile listening modes: Conversation, Noisy Environment, Road Vehicle, and Outdoor.
  • Compact Size - Discreet technology, and contoured design make their hearing aids practically invisible.
  • Rechargeability - Audien conveniently offers both wired and wireless recharging options.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - The 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty mean it's risk-free to try!
  • USA Today rated Audien's 5-star hearing aids the “BEST HEARING AIDS OF 2023.”

Our Verdict

We’re so impressed by Audien Hearing’s pricing. Generally, the Atom 2 Series costs a fraction of other hearing aids in the space. But with Audien’s fantastic Father’s Day offer you get $50 off – the Atom 2 costs $189 → $139 and the Atom Pro 2 comes in at only $289 → $239. How’s that for a trustworthy, effective, prescription-free alternative?

This Father’s Day, Audien wants your dad to have a wonderful time. Say goodbye to expensive solutions and check out Audien’s high-quality audio experience today!

Do something for the man who’s done so much for you. Give him the gift of connection with Audien.

Don’t miss out on Audien’s celebration of Father's Day with their $50 Off Father's Day Offer!