Add Some Luxury To Your Life

Everyone wants to have a little bit of luxury in their lives, but we all got budgets. The best of both worlds is learning how to make an air of extravagance without breaking the bank. Experiment, customize, and make your own on-budget grandeur.

Nail Gems

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To amplify your favorite nail polish buy some easy stick on gems. Keep them small enough that they can fit on your nails and then customize a glitzy manicure. You could add them as a small accent to each nail or go sparkle overload with full gem coverage. They're really cheap at any craft store but if you'd like to make them stick even better then consider buying nail glue. The glue will keep them in place and looking fabulous for a long time.

Luxurious Bath

The most expensive bath in the world is made of bottled Evian water and will cost you a whopping $5,000. Skip all that and make yourself your very own spa treatment. This will cost as much as you'd like it to! Fill up your tub with steaming water and light some candles to set the mood. A great pro tip is to clean your bathtub beforehand for a truly clean and relaxing experience.

Bath salts will help soothe your muscles and can range in price. Go to your local pharmacy and get a giant bargain bag of epsom salts if you enjoy frequent baths. There are so many scents so that you can customize your bathing experience. Essential oils will help create your dream scent and many of them can have healing qualities. Whether you're trying to cure acne, relax muscles, or cure a cold it's a good idea to add a couple of drops into your bathwater and heighten your experience.


You could get funky and add a bath bomb or bubble bar to the water. Adding fun bath colors and glitter takes everything to the next level. Some have exciting themes so you can get your nerd on while you soak; I'm talking Pokeball bath bombs with a surprise Pokemon released at the end. Embrace your inner witch with a glittery jet black bath. If you get a bath bomb with a little hidden jewelry inside you can walk away from your bath with a whole new present. Bubble bars are a great option too! They will foam up your bath with loads of scented bubbles! Make some bubble Mohawks or beards, an essential for a complete bath experience.


Bath oils can help you feel smooth and moisturized when you step out of the tub. It adds a richer feel to the water so you can feel that your bath water has a little extra something special. They can come in bottles or in a stick form which will break up and melt into the water.

If you want to take it to that extra special level then get some flower petals, or whole flowers, and throw them in the water. It's something thats usually done only for special occasions and might seem over the top for a normal bath, but you don't need any reason to treat yourself. So try it out and see if the luxe life is for you!

Resole Your Shoes with Glitter

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It is so much easier than you'd think to get your DIY on and give your shoes a glitter makeover. All you need is your glitter color of choice, tape, paint brushes, and some mod podge. To protect your shoes if you don't trust yourself to color inside the lines and tape off the section you are working with. Mix the glitter and mod podge together and then carefully place more and more glitter onto the soles or shoes in layers. Once it dries you've got a fabulous new accessory that will add some luxury to every step. People have also used methods like this to recreate the iconic red soled Louboutins!

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