cleancult: The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Work

I just wanted to do laundry, clean my apartment, not use toxic chemicals, and not waste a ton of plastic- yet this felt like an impossible task. The ingredients in my regular cleaners were either not listed, or literally made of science-fiction-like words I couldn't pronounce. When I switched to green cleaners, they sounded great, but sadly they did not work. And let's be honest here—cleaners gotta clean. I was complaining to my co-worker who said she'd recently started using cleancult, a cleaning company that delivers all natural and biodegradable household products directly to your home. I flew off to my desk to do my own research and was instantly impressed. Here's everything you need to know:

What type of products do they offer, and how much do they cost?

cleancult has a wide range of essential household products, including laundry and dishwasher tablets, liquid dish soap, bar soap, all-purpose cleaner, and wool dryer balls. Every single product is free from parabens and sulfates and blended with essential oils. Refills start from as little as $6.95.

What's the difference between the two plans? (starter kit vs. refill only)

For the Starter Kit plan, cleancult will send you the glass bottles that you'll keep reusing. Every order after that will be refills sent in milk carton-style cardboard, which is 100% recyclable. That's a tremendous reduction in your plastic consumption. They have a simple quiz to help you determine how much of what product you will need, but you can adjust your order however you like, and there's no commitment to a plan. They also offer a refill only option, where you use your own reusable bottles and are only delivered the milk carton refills.

Can you recycle the plastic-lined cardboard containers?

Yes, they're 100% recyclable. They do contain plastic, but it's a tiny amount compared to store-bought bottles- 90% less to be exact!

Is there a list of ingredients for each product?

You can find out exactly what goes into each product on their website, and they also list them on prominently on the side of the bottle. Unlike generic cleaning products, it's all good stuff you'll actually recognize. For example, the All Purpose Cleaner Spray contains ingredients like saponified coconut oil, citric acid, and essential oils.

Are their products pet friendly and cruelty free?

Yes! All products are kind to animals and free of animal testing. With the exception of the Dryer Balls (which contain ethically sourced sheep wool) cleancult's products are vegan too!

Why do they use palm oil?

cleancult uses a tiny amount of palm oil sourced from RSPO certified farms, meaning that their sources are dedicated to promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm products. Plus, they're moving away from palm oil entirely in the coming months.

What makes cleancult different from other green cleaners?

The biggest thing literally is the lack of plastic bottles. Even the purest of green products still come in some sort of big plastic bottle, a spray, jug, or container. Here is the first-ever company that developed a way to deliver products without all of that. Clean green, zero waste.

Do the products actually clean?

They really do! I wiped down my kitchen with an all-purpose cleaner, washed a few dishes by hand with liquid soap, and at night, ran a load in the washer with phosphate-free tablets. Honestly, my clothes had never come out better. The laundry detergent is fragrance-free, so they smelled clean but not like chemicals.

Finally, a green cleaner really did clean just as good as my old "bad stuff," only better, because I knew everything in it was safe for me and the environment. This all meant I was happy to become the latest member of a cult, one where people care for their homes inside of walls and beyond, thanks to the cleanest cleaning products on the planet.

UPDATE: Our friends at cleancult are offering readers a special discount. Follow this link to get 15% off your first order!

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