cleancult Has The Best Natural Non Toxic Cleaning Products That Really Work

Making the upgrade to natural cleaning products hasn't been the easiest. I wanted to switch after learning how many toxins and carcinogens are in typical household cleaning products, such as the ones that were under my sink, but finding green cleaners that were affordable and actually effective was tricky.

When I first tried a natural dish soap that I got from the organic grocery store, I immediately noticed that it didn't work as well as my old one - I had to scrub twice as hard! I'm in an online group for natural food and wellness tips, and I saw one woman recommend cleancult. They carry non-chemical cleaners that apparently smell great and come in biodegradable/recyclable refills.

I'd been burned before and was afraid to commit, since you buy their products online, but I was definitely put under a spell by the packaging; it's bright, beautiful, and would add a fun pop of color to my kitchen or laundry room. As for what's inside the products, they have a team of scientists that determine which environmentally-friendly can actually still get out stains - their research is actually sponsored by the National Science Foundation! I was also encouraged by the fact that their refill program apparently reduces your plastic waste by up to 90% since I've been trying to be more eco-conscious recently.

Another issue I was worried about is that I'm sensitive to strong smells, but these products are apparently made to smell fresh and not cloying with ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils. The reviews I found on Google were super positive too, like this one:

"This soap is everything I could ask for: cleans without drying, leaves no residue, is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. The lemongrass scent picks me up in the morning and calms and soothes throughout the day. Wonderful!" - Christine B.

After reading a lot of positive reviews, I decided to order a starter kit. I started off with foaming hand soap, all-purpose cleaner spray, liquid dish soap, and laundry detergent (they have other stuff too like dishwasher tablets and bar soap). You can customize how much of each product you want and how often you want them to be delivered.

When my cleancult box arrived, it was even brighter and sunnier in person. I had to smell everything, and I was so surprised at how nice everything smelled! Essential oils, such as organic rosemary extract, smell lovely and act as natural preservatives and stain-removing agents, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I started by wiping down my countertop with the All-Purpose Cleaner. It's got coconut, jojoba oils, and aloe vera, which all help break down grease but are gentle on your hands. I suddenly worried if these cleaners would work, but that wasn't the case at all; with a standard amount, I was able to get out some morning egg residue and a few other mystery stains with ease!

Because of the natural ingredients, my sensitive nose and skin weren't irritated at all. And honestly, I feel safer eating in my kitchen now that the surfaces are chemical free. The hand soap foams beautifully and the dish soap works better than my old one.

I was so happy that the products worked well, and I also love that the refills are super earth-friendly. The cute milk carton refills are 100% recyclable, and the paper mailers are even biodegradable. You can keep the glass starter products forever, eliminating the need for plastic. I love this zero waste system, and sometimes I even keep the cartons to use for craft projects like herb planters.

cleancult helps me get out tough stains while being gentle and kind to my home, body, and the planet. I love never having to worry about buying cleaning supplies at the grocery store anymore, and it makes me feel great that I can be more environmentally-friendly in the process!

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