Staying Inside? Start Your Spring Cleaning With These Beautiful All-Natural Cleaners!

SKip the grocery store - cleancult delivers toxin-free cleaners right to your doorstep.

I really do love to complain when it comes time for Spring cleaning, but secretly I love it.

Cleaning out old junk and scrubbing my home from top to bottom makes me anticipate longer days and warmer weather. I love that "clean" smell that comes along with it too, when the whole house is spick and span, I feel like I've really accomplished something.

I've been using the same cleaning products that my mom used when I was little my whole life, and never gave it much thought. A few weeks ago, after a couple of hours of deep cleaning, my home stank of chemicals.

What I always thought was a "clean" smell was actually quite overwhelming. And not in a good way.

I also noticed that my hands had gotten really dry. A quick look at the ingredients list and a lot of googling later, I was shocked by how harmful the chemicals in these products really are. I never knew that the average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals, and being continuously exposed to them has been linked to asthma, cancer, and hormone disruption. So scary!

Turns out, there is no federal regulation when it comes to the ingredients in cleaning products. Not to mention, the amount of empty plastic bottles left at the end of my cleaning spree had me feeling pretty guilty.

We all know the hugely negative effects that plastic is having on our environment. I began looking for cleaner, more sustainable options, and my search led me to cleancult.

After just a quick visit to their site, it seems these guys have thought of everything. Not only do their line of household products contain no harsh chemicals like parabens or sulfates, but they ship permanent bottles and refills to you in recyclable cardboard packaging, meaning you dramatically reduce your plastic waste. 2 birds, 1 stone!

I browsed their site and saw they offer every cleaning product you can think of - all made from natural ingredients like coconut oil and citric acid. Even better, they blend their formulas with essential oils, so it's super kind to your skin.

I wasn't sure green cleaners would work as effectively as the brands I'd been using, but I was eager to make better choices. So I selected their off-white starter pack. It has all of the essentials - dish soap, liquid hand soap, all purpose cleaner and a hand bar soap, as well as the glass bottles in a modern off-white color.

Once you receive your order with your forever bottle, cleancult will ship the refills right to your doorstep every 1, 2 or 3 months.

I chose every 2 months, but I can always tweak or pause my plan at any time. When my cleancult order arrived, I was totally impressed that the glass bottles were such high quality.

Now, to put them to the ultimate test. All of the products smell absolutely amazing, and I was so happy that they clean so well. After cleaning my kitchen, there was no horrible smell of chemicals, my hands were nice and soft, and my kitchen was spotless.

Having all of my household products delivered to my home is so convenient, and I love that I've drastically cut down on my plastic waste. Plus, cleancult has eliminated my exposure to the toxins in household cleaning products.

Making the switch to cleancult is better for the environment and my health. P.S. - I'm already looking forward to my summer, fall, and winter deep cleans!

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