cleancult's Nontoxic Household Cleaner Is Safe And Effective

The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals. If you think that number is an exaggeration, go to your cabinet and take a look at the ingredients on any of your household cleaners. Phthalates, perchloroethylene, triclosan, quaternary ammonium compounds, 2-butoxyethanol, ammonia, sodium hydroxide... sound familiar? Probably not, but a quick search shows how toxic and harmful these chemicals are and how common they are in so many cleaning products, from surface cleaners, to detergent, to soap.

The traditional toxic cleaner brands we see on the shelves in the grocery store want us to believe that we need these harsh chemicals to clean our homes, but that's not the truth. There are no federal regulations of chemicals in household products, meaning these companies have free reign to put whatever they want into our cleaners. This has led to cleaning products being full of harmful ingredients that have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, and neurotoxicity.

These mainstream cleaning brands argue that these toxic ingredients aren't likely to be a problem in small amounts. But the issue is that we routinely use these harmful products in combination with each other almost daily. This exposure adds to the body's "toxic burden", meaning the number of chemicals stored in its tissues at a given time. Having a high toxic burden can lead to many potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Thankfully, these harmful cleaning products you pick up in the grocery store aren't your only option. So many green, all-natural, eco-friendly cleaners are coming onto the market. But beware of greenwashing. Always look into the ingredients of products - some claim to be natural but still contain harmful ingredients.

A cleaning brand we know we can trust is cleancult. It's leading the way in nontoxic, safe, all-natural household cleaners that actually work. Their products are proving that you don't need to use chemicals that harm your health in order to clean your home. They simply use science and coconuts (yes, coconuts), to make their products. Coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. And when mixed with other natural products like olive oil, essential oils, and citric acid, it creates a powerful cleaner without any threat to your health. The coconut oil even moisturizes your skin!

cleancult stands out from the crowd, firstly because reading their ingredients list is enjoyable and a relief. And secondly, because they are redefining every aspect of the cleaning industry, from ingredients, to packaging and delivery. cleancult creates cleaning products that are safer for humans and the environment. No need for any "Harmful to Humans and Animals" labels!

All their packaging is eco-friendly, with reusable glass bottles, and all refills being delivered right to your doorstep in paper-based milk cartons and 100% plastic-free paper mailers, which means less plastic waste in landfills. Plus, the refills are much more cost-effective than the conventional system of buying new bottles.Their sustainable shipping method and partnership with carbonfund.org allows them to be carbon-neutral.

But the most important thing is that all of cleancults products actually work. Your home, clothes and dishes will be completely clean and you and your family will be safe from harmful chemicals. Plus, cleancult has every cleaning product your home needs, so switching all your cleaning products is easy and convenient with delivery right to your door. They even have a subscription service so just as you're running out, your next cleancult delivery arrives.

We no longer need to put our health at risk or damage our planet to have a clean home. Switch to cleancult, and remove these harmful pollutants from our planet and our bodies.

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